How To Dispose Of A Sofa? The Complete 4-Step Guide

You must understand how to dispose of a sofa, and the good news is it’s only a four-step procedure. We will discuss the proper disassembling of the couch and how you can responsibly remove such bulky furniture. More so, you will learn other considerations when disposing of a used furniture. 

If you also want to know what to do with an old sofa, we have written two other ideas to try. Read that separate article, especially if the couch is still in good shape for disposal. 


How Do You Throw Away A Couch?


Step 1. Remove everything from the sofa

  • Start by removing all the accessories on the sofa, including the covers, throw pillows, cushions, and blankets
  • If the couch has fixed cushions, lift one side of each cushion to see the attachment and cut carefully
  • Set the cushions aside if they are still in good condition because there are many ways to reuse old cushions
  • Heavily disintegrated cushions are better off disposed of with the rest of the sofa’s broken parts 
  • Check the nooks and crevices of the couch where other items might have fallen, such as loose change, and remove them as well
  • Give the bare sofa a quick vacuum, including the tight areas, before ripping off the upholstery

Step 2. Take off the sofa upholstery 

  • Check how the material is attached to the sofa, typically with staples underneath the frame
  • Use a screwdriver to remove each staple and take out the covering of the frame
  • You don’t need to remove the sofa’s entire upholstery once you revealed the frame 

Step 3. Dismantle the sofa frame

  • Use a hand saw to cut the wooden frame and make it easier to throw it out
  • Separate the recyclable pieces from the damaged parts as you cut
  • Focus on the wooden parts, and remove the metal hardware pieces like bolts and springs accordingly
  • If you can’t take apart the sofa because everything is fixed in place, the disposal for the intact couch will be different

Step 4. Throw the dismantled sofa into the dumpster

  • Segregate the pieces of the couch, so you’ll know which parts you’ll reuse, recycle, or sell from the ones that need to be disposed
  • Since the sofa pieces are no longer bulky, you can throw them to the nearest dumpster as you usually would with other trash
  • It’s also possible to dispose of the parts along with other junk once your garbage collector arrives

How to throw away an entire couch?

Some sofas are fixed, and it’s impossible to take them apart to lessen the bulk for disposal. And because of its size, you need to check your area’s laws and regulations to avoid illegal dumping. Contact your waste department for the schedule of pickup of large items or where you must leave the sofa for pickup. 

Some waste companies might require a fee for pickup, while others will take out the sofa on the typical collection day. You might also need to pay to throw away the full couch in a public dumpster. 

Another option is to bring the sofa to your nearest scrap yard for some extra bucks from the pieces in it. Or if you are buying a replacement from the same company, check if they can haul the old one away. Sometimes, the furniture company will take the used sofa for free when they deliver the new one. 


How Much Does It Cost To Throw Away A Couch?

The cost of couch removal can range from $50 to $200. You have to keep several factors in mind, including the current condition of the sofa and where you live. For example, some areas have their furniture picked up for a smaller fee compared to another location. 

A junk removal service will be pricier compared to a local waste department. However, you can save more if you’re able to dismantle the couch. 


How Can I Get Rid Of Furniture For Free?

Dismantling the sofa into smaller pieces will make disposal free because you can throw them out like regular trash. You might also save on pickup fees if the furniture company takes the used sofa once they deliver the new one to your home. However, a guaranteed way to get rid of old furniture without shedding any buck is by donating it. 

You can check your local community shelters, churches, or organizations if they are accepting a sofa donation. You may not even have to look further because a friend or family member might be needing a sofa. Just remember to check the state of the furniture if it’s still reusable. 


Which Charity Will Collect Furniture?

Ask around your neighbors and friends if they know organizations that will collect furniture. If your sofa is still in good condition, charities like AMVETS, Goodwill, GreenDrop, and Habitat For Humanity typically pick up old furniture in the US. It’s always best to check these organizations and contact them for clarifications regarding furniture donation. 



Congratulations, you are now ready to throw away the couch properly. Recapping this guide on how to dispose of a sofa, you need to remove all the accessories and dismantle the furniture. This will lessen the bulk and make it easier to dispose of the couch. 

However, full sofas require different considerations on your part for proper disposal. Contact your waste management department or hire a junk removal service. And while this article hasn’t included other cases such as an infested furniture, please learn how to get rid of bed bugs on your sofa as the disposal will be different. 


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