What To Wear To A Winter Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

We’ll help you know what to wear to a winter wedding by answering three questions. You will also get some outfit ideas to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable but still appropriate in a winter wedding. 

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what to wear to a winter wedding

Knowing the unspoken dos and don’ts when dressing up for a wedding is always helpful. 


What To Wear To A Winter Wedding As A Guest


What’s the dress code?

Much like attending any other wedding, please refer to the dress code on the wedding invitation or website. The couple will mention what they’d prefer for their guests to wear, and you’ll have an easier time creating an outfit by knowing if the wedding is formal, semi-formal, or in some cases, quirky and untraditional. 

Most winter weddings are formal, which means you must dress as if you’re attending a formal dinner. Male guests can wear a tuxedo with dress pants, while female guests can wear a long-sleeve maxi dress. 

However, the emphasis is necessary on knowing what colors to wear. For example, it’s common knowledge for female guests to avoid white since it’s a color reserved for the bride


Where is the location?

The location for the winter wedding will tell you the style to follow when deciding on an outfit. For example, will it be held in the city or the country? 

City winter weddings can consider navy blue and black palettes, while country winter weddings can take inspiration from a warm color palette. Furthermore, be mindful of the materials to choose so your outfit won’t look out of place in the setting. 

The best materials to wear to a winter wedding are flannel, tweed, cashmere, or wool. But of course, be careful with heavy and eye-catching patterns to avoid drawing attention to yourself.


What is the time of the wedding?

Check the invitation for the time of the wedding. For example, if you attend a daytime winter wedding, the theme is likely semi-formal than an evening winter wedding where the setting is expected to be more formal. 

The wedding time can also affect how cold the event can feel. So be sure to bring your coverups like jackets and coats, especially for the event after sunset. 

However, some wedding parties are also much looser in the evenings, so you might be able to wear something semi-casual. You can always pack up two outfits if the wedding is expected to last from morning to evening. 


Winter wedding outfit ideas

Male winter wedding guests can consider a double-breasted suit or single-breasted suit, whichever is best for the theme. You can also try a three-piece suit with a pair of leather shoes. 

A long dress paired with a coat or jacket for female winter wedding guests should keep you comfortable while still being modest enough for the wedding. You can also wear pantsuits if you find them more comfortable. 

Then for the accessories of the guests, keep in mind that less is more. You’re not trying to stand out from the crowd, but you can always ask other guests or the couple themselves about your planned outfit for peace of mind. 


What Are The Best Colors To Wear To A Winter Wedding?

The best colors to wear to a winter wedding are darker shades of blue, brown, green, and red. Metallic colors like silver and gold can also fit a winter-themed wedding. 

Ultimately, you will follow the color palette chosen by the bride and groom. Check the color scheme of the wedding invitation to get an idea of the colors you’ll see at the wedding. 

But if you’re a guest, it’s common etiquette to avoid wearing the same color scheme as the wedding party. You don’t want to look like the couple’s family, groomsmen, or bridesmaid, so plan your outfit colors accordingly. 


Do You Wear A Coat To A Winter Wedding?

Whether it’s outdoor, indoor, evening, or afternoon, you should bring a coat when attending a winter wedding to be on the safe side. Coats are also the best coverups for cold weddings because you have various styles and materials to choose from to follow the wedding’s dress code easily.

The best winter wedding coats include those made from wool or luxury fabrics, so you won’t be underdressing and looking tacky. Of course, dress coats, trench coats, and wrap coats can be acceptable.

But if you think that the weather and location won’t require a coat, here is how to wear a shawl for a wedding. It’s much easier to carry around, but you’ll still have something to keep you warm.  


Is It Okay To Wear Black To A Winter Wedding?

It should be okay to wear black to a winter wedding as it’s even among the popular colors. Just make sure that you also consult the couple since some cultures associate black with bad luck or mourning. 



And that’s it! You just found out what to wear to a winter wedding by following the dress code and considering the location and time of the wedding. 

The most common outfits are suits for male guests and dresses with coats for female guests. Since it will be cold, make sure that you’re wearing something warm while still adhering to the wedding theme.


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