How To Plan A Wedding In 30 Days: 1 Month Planning

Those who want to learn how to plan a wedding in 30 days can simplify the process into three steps. It’s possible to plan a wedding with only a month left as long as you know the necessities and manage your expectations. 

Since the ideal duration for planning a wedding is a year before the big day, you should understand that there will be compromises and limitations. You can also read how to plan a last-minute wedding for additional tips. 

how to plan a wedding in 30 days


How To Plan A Wedding In 30 Days: 3 Steps Only!


Step 1. Arrange the wedding legalities

  • Start with all the legal documents and requirements to get married in your state such as the marriage license and other needs for the ceremony
  • Decide on the type of wedding you’ll have, whether it’s a church wedding, civil wedding, indoor wedding, outdoor wedding, or destination wedding, to arrange all the documents for them
  • Identify the marriage officiant and witness requirements to ensure that your wedding will be legal and valid
  • Be aware of when the marriage license will expire according to your state
  • Decide if you should have a celebrant wedding ceremony instead if the requirements won’t be approved within a month; then have the legal wedding at the courthouse afterward 


Step 2. Look for last-minute wedding vendors

  • Depending on the type of wedding you’re having, prepare a budget but be realistic; do not overspend and stick to your financial capabilities only
  • Expect that booking the venue and other wedding vendors might be pricier because you’re having a last-minute wedding; for your convenience, opt for a wedding venue that will also do your decors and catering 
  • Consider having a small wedding to save on costs; if you have a willing friend or relative to be the MC, DJ, photographer, or makeup artist, have them in these wedding roles instead
  • Research and book a wedding planner that specializes in last-minute weddings, especially if you’re having a reasonably large wedding or destination wedding
  • If you will DIY most of your wedding needs, get wedding vendors where most of the needed meetings and transactions can be done online to speed up the process; you might need to settle for a simpler wedding attire because of the time constraints, or why not have a semi-formal dress code?


Step 3. Go digital with the wedding invites

  • Since you only have a month before the wedding, it’ll be quicker to notify your guests via digital wedding invitations
  • Please select a service that will also help the guests reply to their RSVP online
  • Keep an open mind if some guests might be unable to attend because of the short notice
  • Follow up with your guests within a week or two to give the headcount to your wedding vendors as soon as possible
  • Consider asking your friends and family to help you with inviting and following up on your wedding guests 


How Can I Get Married In 30 Days?

It’s possible to get married within 30 days, but here is what you must expect and be prepared for compromises:

  1. Learn about the marriage laws in your state and arrange the legalities needed
  2. Consider a courthouse wedding with a casual reception or no reception at all
  3. Elopement might be more realistic or have a small wedding if you still want some friends and family with you
  4. Prepare a practical wedding budget, but understand that the tight timeline will make bookings pricier, or you might need to cash some payments compared to having several months before the wedding where installments are possible
  5. Book an all-inclusive wedding venue for your convenience in booking vendors
  6. Consider a non-busy wedding date to save on expenses; most venues and vendors are available for last-minute weekday weddings 
  7. You might need to accept that you won’t have pre-wedding parties and traditions like trying on the wedding dress or having wedding showers 
  8. Find a jeweler that specializes in custom wedding rings in a short time frame; do not sacrifice the perfect ring size
  9. Consider renting your wedding attire or be realistic with the available styles and designs you may get on such a short notice 


Can You Get Married In A Month?

You can get married in a month, but understand that a big, extravagant, or destination wedding will be impossible or difficult to arrange. So instead, consider a civil wedding or have an elopement with just you and your partner first. 

Then, you can arrange for a reception-only wedding with friends and family. In some places like Las Vegas, you can even get married on the same day as long as you’re eligible. 

You must also know the waiting period in some states where you must wait for some time to have the ceremony after acquiring your license. Finally, discuss with your partner the type of wedding you both want to ensure you’ll be happy with the ceremony. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to plan a wedding in 30 days by starting with the legalities, booking last-minute wedding vendors, and sending digital wedding invitations. 

We also suggest that because of the time limitation, it might be more realistic to elope, have a small wedding, or do a civil wedding instead. Regardless, it is possible to get married within a month, but make sure you’ll have a ceremony that both of you want. 

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