How To Make Direction Cards For Wedding Invitations

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make direction cards for wedding invitations? Of course, it’s different from making maps for wedding invitations, so we’ll guide you with the wordings to put on wedding direction cards. 

We will share tips to ensure that the guests understand the direction cards and discuss if they’re even necessary in the first place. But if you want a more graphic guide, read how to make maps for wedding invitations

How To Make Direction Cards For Wedding Invitations


Easy Way On How To Make Direction Cards For Wedding Invitations

  1. Use the existing theme of your wedding invitation suite as the inspiration for the direction cards
  2. Keep in mind that the card should not be oversized compared to the other wedding invitation inserts; if you think the direction information is too long, consider linking to your wedding website for the other wording
  3. Opt for an easy-to-read font and select a color that will help the guests read the directions comfortably
  4. Generate the accurate directions to your wedding location and other places for the guests using Google maps 
  5. Use the largest fonts or different color fonts for the “starting locations” to highlight them; then you can guide your guests concisely but accurately; for example, what will be the best routes for the guests from north or south 
  6. Mention what side the wedding venue is on and include a landmark if needed 
  7. Remind the guests about your wedding website for more information


How Do I Add A Location To My Invitation Card?

Here is an easy wording example you can make to give your guests directions in the wedding invites. Reread your outcome to ensure that it’s easy to understand, and play with the fonts and direction card design to highlight important details. 


From the North

Take [x] to exit [x] and turn [x] onto the [x] road

Head straight for [x] miles, and you’ll find the destination on your right

From the South

Take [x] to exit [x] and turn [x] onto the [x] road

Head straight for [x] miles, and you’ll find the destination on your right

Visit [wedding website] for more important details

Please review your wording for your wedding direction cards, as you might’ve missed a potential error. For example, you don’t want to have typographical errors on the directions or street names, or you might’ve given the wrong location based on where the guests are coming from. 


What Are Direction Cards?

From the name itself, a direction card is an invitation card insert where the guests can read the written information to go to your wedding location. Usually, it involves the directions from where the guests are coming from, such as North or South, towards the wedding ceremony venue. 

It can also include the directions for the wedding ceremony venue to the wedding reception. And if it’s a destination wedding, it must guide the guests from their hotel to your venue. 

Furthermore, you will need to create a directions card for each wedding location if your wedding will have different activities. For example, if it’s a destination wedding that spans several days, you’ll have multiple direction cards for the venues you’ll visit with your guests. 


Direction card vs map card

Do not confuse direction cards with map cards, but the two have the same purpose. They are wedding invitation cards meant to guide the guests in their travel and arrival to your wedding location. 

However, a map card is a graphic representation of the directions, while a direction card explains the route quickly. Decide between the two or provide both cards in your wedding invitation suite. 

Some guests might find it easier just to read the directions. But if the route is a tad complicated to explain in words, then it’s best to provide a map card or a link for the directions in Google Maps.


Are Direction Cards Necessary For Wedding?

Wedding direction cards are necessary because they will guide your guests on how to arrive at your wedding venue. Even if the route seems straightforward, it’s always better to provide landmarks and directions to prevent guests from getting lost. 

However, you don’t need to provide both a map card and a direction card. Instead, you can combine the two where you have the map picture and a written explanation below it, especially if multiple wedding sites are not that far from each other. 

Remember to write a wedding invitation card that should be easy to read. But for the other information, we recommend reading what to put on details card for wedding


What Is A Reception Card In Wedding Invitations?

The reception card is an invitation insert containing all the details for the wedding reception. They include the reception dress code, time, and location, but you don’t need to provide specific directions on this card. 

Instead, write the complete address of the wedding reception venue, such as the street address, city, and state. If needed, include the transportation arrangement as well. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make direction cards for wedding invitations, essentially writing the direction route from your guests’ location to the wedding venue. 

To avoid confusion, provide a direction card for each wedding location, especially with weddings that span a couple of days. We hope this helps; browse our blog for more wedding invite card guides. 

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