How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding In 2 Easy Steps

Do you know that you can learn how to plan a last minute wedding in only two steps? Perhaps you randomly want to have a wedding with your partner and lack a long time planning the marriage ceremony. 

It’s still possible to have a successful wedding last minute if you start with the must-haves, then the guests. You can also browse our blog for everything related to weddings and wedding planning for additional reference. 

how to plan a last minute wedding

For example, you may be interested to know how to plan a wedding in three months


Rush Wedding Planning: How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding


Step 1. Get the must-haves

  • The first and most crucial part of last-minute wedding planning is accomplishing the checklist of must-haves for a legal union and successful wedding ceremony
  • Your wedding plans should start with securing your legalities, venue, outfits, decors, and catering
  • Be realistic according to your budget and time, so it’s essential to keep an open mind if you’re limited with the options for these things
  • Ask your family and friends if they can recommend wedding vendors, venues, and other wedding needs
  • Don’t forget to read and study the contract and cost breakdown of each wedding element
  • Clarify any necessary questions and have a day-of wedding coordinator to help you oversee the vendors on your wedding day
  • Do not go over your wedding budget, and remember to be fair with the choices with your partner


Step 2. Invite the guests for your wedding day

  • After you have the schedule and wedding necessities, the second step for planning a last-minute wedding is finalizing a guest list
  • Last-minute weddings are more attainable if you have 20 to 50 wedding guests; bigger weddings need a year or more to plan 
  • Consider a small wedding party
  • Limit the plus-ones of the guests
  • Be accepting if some guests can’t come to the wedding because of the last-minute announcement
  • If the wedding venue is out of your hometown, let your guests know their travel and accommodation details
  • Be detailed with your wedding invitation; you can also ask your wedding party to help you reach all the wedding guests and answer if they have questions


How Do You Arrange A Quick Wedding?

The ideal time for planning weddings is one year before the wedding day. However, a last-minute wedding is still possible with the following checklist considering you only have two months before the big day:

  1. Apply for a marriage license and accomplish all the necessary legalities and documents; if you’re getting married in another location, check their marriage laws
  2. Find a wedding officiant and plan your wedding ceremony
  3. Prepare your vows and practice dances
  4. Assign a wedding MC and coordinator if needed
  5. Set a wedding budget realistically with the given time; you no longer have extra months to save and add to the budget
  6. Pick a wedding party and finalize the guest list
  7. Send the invitations
  8. Buy your wedding rings
  9. Book the venue, makeup artist, catering, band, photographer, and other wedding vendors if you’re not doing their tasks yourself
  10. Rent the wedding attire and talk with the wedding party regarding theirs
  11. Order the wedding cake, flowers, and decors
  12. Book the accommodation and transport if needed
  13. Host wedding parties; you may be limited to only the wedding shower or rehearsal dinner, depending on the time you can manage
  14. Plan the menu and seat plan for the wedding reception
  15. Call the wedding vendors and suppliers to finalize and check if everything is ready for the wedding day


What Is The Shortest Time To Plan A Wedding?

One year is the best duration for planning any wedding, but planning everything two to three months before the big day is possible. However, this is assuming that you’re having a simple wedding with few guests. 

Intimate weddings and elopements are the best kinds of weddings if you don’t have time. However, you can also consider getting a short ceremony and planning a grander wedding party. 

Are you interested in having all the pre-wedding activities? Here is the pre-wedding party checklist for your information. 


Is It Possible To Plan A Wedding In 1 Month?

It’s possible to plan a wedding in only one month if it’s a simple and small celebration. For example, you can get married on the same day in Las Vegas as long as you acquire the marriage license from their license bureau. 

This eliminates the lengthy planning for the ceremony, and you may even find packages from hotels. You can also consider eloping with your spouse, but ensure that you will have a legal union. 


Last-Minute Wedding Things Not To Forget

The list of things to do can make you forget some of the most important things for the wedding. Ensure you have all these things ready the day before the wedding so that you won’t forget them in the morning. 

  • Marriage license
  • Wedding vow copy
  • Wedding attire
  • Officiant
  • Payments for the vendors
  • Wedding day kit
  • Wedding favors
  • Wedding hair and makeup
  • Wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres
  • Wedding gift coordinator



And that’s it! We just learned how to plan a last minute wedding in two easy steps. 

You need to accomplish the checklist and then consider a small guest count for your wedding. You can also try eloping if you have under three months to plan the big day and then prepare for longer for the more prominent wedding celebration. 

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