What Color Goes With Purple For A Wedding: Best 2

Try two groups to know what color goes with purple for a wedding. In this wedding color palette guide, you’ll discover the classiest and most exciting wedding colors you can combine with purple. 

We will also share ideas on incorporating this royal color into the wedding to help you create a purple-themed wedding. And if the shade you prefer is closer to plum, you can read what colors go with plum for a wedding

what color goes with purple for a wedding


Top Colors For Purple Weddings: What Color Goes With Purple For A Wedding


Neutral wedding color combos with purple

The safest colors for weddings are neutrals since they complement purple well. What’s fantastic with neutral colors like white, tan, cream, brown, gray, or even silver, is they can be used for any wedding season, venue, or theme. 

Since you want the purple wedding color, you can balance its intensity with neutrals. Use the specific shade of purple to know what colors go with it. 

For example, light purple for a wedding will look great with silver, while darker purple shades will look fantastic with tan color. On the other hand, a bluish-purple wedding is excellent with gray, especially if it’s a formal, evening, indoor event. 

As for the other neutrals that go with purple, regardless of their tone and shade, you can never go wrong with white and cream. And if you want to use brown or black in your color palette, test if you like their combination with lilac, lavender, or even magenta. 


Sharp contrast with purple wedding color palettes

Do not limit yourself with what colors go with purple for a wedding. It can be tricky to combine purple with bright colors as a sharp contrast might seem tacky for a wedding. 

However, purple’s versatility allows it to suit different palettes. Identify if the shade you’re using is warm, cool, or neutral to help you combine purple with bright colors for a sharp contrast that does not look tasteless. 

For example, peach, orange, ballet pink, royal blue, turquoise, mint green, and pine green can all work with purple, depending on the wedding theme, season, and venue. Bluish purples are perfect for an indoor winter wedding, while reddish purples can work for an outdoor fall wedding. 

You can also use these bright color contrasts to accent your purple and neutral color combination. Use purple, a neutral shade, and a contrast color as your wedding color palette to avoid having a confusing color scheme at the wedding. 


Is Purple A Good Wedding Color?

Purple wedding color is a fantastic theme, especially for an evening and formal wedding. After all, purple for a wedding is versatile, and combining it with the right colors should help you match the mood and theme you have in mind. 

Do you know that green and related shades go with purple when decorating? Therefore, you can still have a classic romantic wedding with foliage and greenery even with this exciting color. 

There are also different purple colors, so it should be easy to find what you think represents the dream wedding you have in mind. For example, light and pastel purples such as lavender and lilac can suit a daytime or spring wedding, while medium to dark shades like plum, eggplant, and amethyst is perfect for a black-tie or winter wedding. 

Don’t forget that there are purple tones with reddish or bluish tints. Sometimes, they even look closer to pinks and blues, so be mindful when creating a purple wedding palette. 

If you haven’t decided on them yet, we wrote a guide on how to pick wedding colors


What Does Purple Represent In A Wedding?

If you chose purple as your wedding color, it symbolizes elegance, luxury, and even whimsy. This makes purple ideal for modern weddings as it contrasts the usual white and light neutrals associated with a traditional wedding theme. 

Light shades of purple are seen as magical, while darker purple tones represent power. And, of course, purple is associated with royalty, so it’s perfect for the bride and groom who wants a majestic and regal wedding day. 


How Do You Incorporate Purple Into A Wedding?

  • Have the bridesmaids in purple dresses
  • Wear purple jewelry with your wedding dress
  • Incorporate purple in the bridal party’s makeup or your bride’s makeup
  • Have the groomsmen in dark purple suits or light purple inner shits
  • Wear a purple bowtie or necktie with your groom’s suit
  • Use purple flowers on your bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres
  • Use purple flowers as the accents in your floral decors and centerpieces
  • Decorate with purple fabric draping
  • Use purple table runners or covers
  • Decorate the aisle with purple bows
  • Use a purple aisle runner
  • Incorporate purple in your wedding mood lighting
  • Present a purple wedding cake and other purple-themed desserts
  • Use purple for your wedding stationery paper
  • Experiment with different shades of purple and not just one
  • Be inspired with purple products for your wedding favors



Was this guide helpful? To recap what color goes with purple for a wedding, you can decide between neutrals and sharp contrasts. 

You can also build a palette with purple, a neutral and bright color, as the accent. And, of course, select the right tone of purple to suit the season, theme, and venue of your wedding. 

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