What Is A Baby Shower: History And Importance

To answer what is a baby shower, it’s a party meant to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby. It’s usually attended by the family and friends of the parents, and we’ll discuss the history and etiquette of this event in more detail below. 

You’ll also know what usually happens at baby showers. And for the parents planning their future child’s welcoming party, you can read when to have a baby shower

what is a baby shower


What Is A Baby Shower For: What To Expect

A baby shower is a party that celebrates the parents and their new baby. It’s a way for their family and friends to show their support and happiness with the upcoming birth of their child. 

Usually, the baby shower only has female guests, but nowadays, men are also invited to celebrate with the event. It’s up to the couple to decide the people they want at their baby’s party. 

You can expect gifts and games at baby showers, depending on what the hosts want to include in the celebration. And with modern times, the baby shower can also be gender-neutral, as opposed to having a specific gender assigned to the baby. 


When Were Baby Showers Invented?

The practice of showering the unborn baby and its mom with gifts can be traced back to middle and upper-class American families back in the 1900s. One can only expect that this tradition paved the way for the expectations and elements seen in baby showers nowadays.  

Besides celebrating the upcoming birth of the child, guests also bring gifts for the baby. And back then, this baby shower was held in the early afternoon, and the people were only the closest guests whom the mother chose herself. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Baby Shower?

The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the birth of the couple’s baby and also show your support to their newly-formed family. Friends and other close guests also bring gifts for the child, which help the parents navigate this new chapter of their lives.

The baby shower can also be a party to help everyone loosen up, especially the parents who are probably stressed while preparing for their baby. This is why baby showers also have games and sometimes a way to reveal the gender of the baby. 


What Do You Do At A Baby Shower?

So what should guests expect at a baby shower? The hosts can customize the baby shower, depending on what they think the parents would enjoy. 

A close friend or family usually organizes it with the child’s parents. It could have fun games related to the baby’s gender or even if it’s not revealed yet. 

Baby showers can also have foods that follow a specific theme. And, of course, gifts are given to the baby, which will also help the family after its birth. 


Should You Have A Baby Shower For A Second Child?

Etiquette recommends that parents only throw a baby shower for their first baby. However, it’s common nowadays for families to throw multiple baby showers. 

The only difference is the guests also expect that the couple already owns baby essentials, so their gifts might be limited. Therefore, if you’ll have another baby shower, be mindful of the items you’ll put on the registry. 

And for guests invited to one, here’s the etiquette on what to wear to a baby shower


Who Usually Has The Baby Shower?

The baby shower is usually hosted by someone close to the mom, her sister, her mom, her mother-in-law, her sister-in-law, or even her best friend. But of course, there are no rules on who wants to throw their friend or family a baby shower. 

Back in the day, baby showers were not even hosted by someone close to the baby’s parents. This is to avoid the assumption from the guests that the hosts want the gifts. 


Is It Rude To Not To Want A Baby Shower?

Some couples might prefer not to have a baby shower for whatever reason. This is valid as it’s your baby, and you might instead prepare for other things than go to a party. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t feel pressured to have a baby shower. If someone is guilting you, explain to them calmly but assertively that you would rather not have a party. 

Alternatively, you might prefer to have the baby shower after your child’s birth. For this, communicate to friends and family that you’ll have the shower once your child is here


Why Are Baby Showers Female Only?

Baby showers were exclusive to women as they celebrated the mom-to-be and her baby. Furthermore, it’s often a gathering of her other closest female relatives and friends as an opportunity to discuss everything related to motherhood. 

Back then, these discussions were considered too intimate with the presence of men. But nowadays, baby showers celebrate both parents with the upcoming birth of their child. 

Over the years, men are becoming more comfortable joining conversations about pregnancy and caring for a baby. They are more willing to be involved with their child; hence baby showers are no longer a women-only event. 



Was this discussion helpful? We’ve just discussed what is a baby shower, its history, and what else to expect. 

It’s a party celebrating the parents and the upcoming birth of their child. And while it used to be an all-women event, men now attend baby showers, as involvement with caring for their child now is an equal interest of the parents.  

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