How To Number Tables At Wedding In 2 Easy Steps

You can learn how to number tables at wedding in only two steps. First, you’ll start planning the reception layout, then talk about the proper labeling of the name cards for each table. 

And in case you only intend to have guests you’ve invited to the wedding, please check how to say no plus-ones on the wedding invitation. This will prevent a potentially awkward moment for someone who doesn’t see their name on the table. 

how to number tables at wedding


How To Number Tables At Wedding Properly


Step 1. Plan the reception layout

Prepare a layout of the reception to know how the tables will be arranged. Start with Table 1 and who will sit on them. 

Place another table near Table 1, which will be your Table 2. Then, list the people you want for this table. 

Continue designating tables and marking them with the corresponding number. Don’t forget to write the guests who’ll be together at each table. 

Once you have assigned a seat for every wedding guest, recheck the arrangement using the layout. Make sure that the tables are orderly and that the group of people on each table would go well together. 


Step 2. Write guest names on the cards

You can make or buy the number signs on each wedding table. Regardless, the number should be easy to decipher, especially when guests arrive at the reception and try to find their assigned seats. 

Besides the table number, you will also put smaller name cards on each setting in the table. Again, you can print or write them, but remember that they must look good and are easy to read. 

Feel free to read how to write place cards for a wedding for more tips regarding writing name cards for each wedding table. It can be confusing how to address guests. 


How Do You Number A Table At A Wedding?

  1. Make the number signs big and tall, so they’ll be easy to read and find
  2. Consider having the numbers in order to help guests find their place quickly
  3. Some table number ideas for a wedding include acrylic signs, framed signs, hand-written or painted wooden signs, chalkboards, and card stocks
  4. Numbering wedding tables is relatively simple as you’re only assigning numbers for each table to arrange your guests much more easily in the reception
  5. Once you have created the outline of the reception, please put a copy of this near the reception entrance to help guests navigate and find their seat

Read how to make acrylic wedding signs if you want something classy and unique for your wedding table numbers. 


How Do You Assign A Wedding Table?

  • Make sure that the guests you’re seating together like each other; relationship dynamics vary, so you don’t want to have clashing personalities at the same table
  • Consider if the couple’s parents must sit together; it’s perfectly okay to have them at different tables, depending on their relationship
  • Decide if the bridal party must sit together or if they should join the bride and groom
  • When planning the table layout at the reception, consider the closeness of each table to the other elements in the area
  • Have older guests sit near the doors so they can get in and out of the reception quickly if needed
  • Place the table of younger guests near the dance floor
  • Consider giving the best seats, like those close to the catering or at the front, to special people that the couple want to give a unique treatment


How Do You List Names On A Wedding Seating Chart?

  1. Send the wedding invitations on time so guests can respond soon 
  2. Once you have the definite guest list, plan who’ll seat together
  3. Organize the seating chart alphabetically and by table number
  4. Consider listing couples on one line; you can also list families together on one line to save space
  5. When writing the guest names, arrange them alphabetically via their last names then their assigned table number; it’s better to list the guest names individually or as a couple or family than grouping guests per table to avoid having a long line by the seating chart

To verify the number of guests and who will surely come to your wedding, you can check when should RSVP be due for the wedding


Who Sits At Table 1 At A Wedding?

At the wedding, table 1 or head table is usually for the newlyweds. It is also sometimes called the sweetheart table, but couples can also choose to sit with their family or friends.

You can have the bridal party sit with you at table 1 like other couples as they’d also want to spend time mingling with everyone. But, on the contrary, you can sit with your partner since it’s probably the only time you’ll have one-on-one throughout the day. 

If you’re unsure who sits at the head table at a wedding, read our more thorough discussion about it. 



And that’s it! To recap how to number tables at wedding, you must plan the layout of the tables then group guests accordingly. 

It will be easier for guests to navigate the tables if you put a chart at the reception entrance with their names arranged alphabetically. You can also save space by writing couples or families in one line. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 

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