How To Make Acrylic Wedding Signs The Easiest Way

If you want to know how to make acrylic wedding signs, it’s only three steps. First, we will teach you how to use your home printer and a couple of paint markers for DIY acrylic wedding signs that are truly unique.

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how to make acrylic wedding signs

Acrylic wedding signs and acrylic wedding invitations are becoming the trend because they are aesthetically pleasing and classy. However, you don’t need to depend on a printing shop to make them.


How Do You Make Acrylic Wedding Signs?


Step 1. Preparation

  • Prepare the materials for the acrylic wedding signs, such as the acrylic sheets, paint markers, tapes, and your home printer
  • If needed, cut the acrylic sheets to the size you need or buy the ones with the dimensions you want for the wedding signs
  • Get the paint marker colors that match the color scheme of the wedding theme
  • Remove the protective backing on both sides of each acrylic sheet


Step 2. Print and adhere the design

  • On your computer, use a graphic design platform like Canva to make the design you want for the wedding signs
  • You can use whichever designing software you’re comfortable with as well
  • The typical wedding signs include the welcome sign, guest book sign, ceremony timeline sign, seating sign, bar sign, and favor sign
  • Use a font that is easy to decipher and keep the wedding theme in mind when creating your sign design
  • Resize the sign and print it 
  • Cut off the excess paper of the design and tape it at the center back of the acrylic sheet
  • Make sure that the design’s alignment is perfect before taping it to the acrylic sheet


Step 3. Tracing and finishing 

  • Outline the design at the front of the acrylic sheet with your choice of paint market color
  • Fill in the letters and other details of the sign with other paint markers
  • Be slow and steady when tracing and filling with paint markets 
  • Keep your hands off the sheet to avoid accidentally smearing the paint as you fill your sign 
  • Wait for the front side of the acrylic to dry to see if you need to paint the backside and improve its opacity
  • If you’re feeling extra creative, create a 3D effect by using several sheets of acrylic
  • Paint each layer and stack them together with glue


How To Paint Acrylic Wedding Signs

You can freehand paint on the acrylic sheet with a paint pen, or for slightly intricate details, print and tape it at the back of the acrylic sheet. Then, trace the acrylic design with your choice of paint pens. 

Once done, make the sign pop out more by painting the back with acrylic craft paint. Start at the top left corner, then stroke across and down. 

If you need to correct or remove the paint, acetone, coconut oil, or even Windex can work. Finally, allow the painted acrylic sign to dry completely or use a hairdryer at a reasonable distance. 

If needed, seal the paint with polymer glue to prevent scratches on paint. 


What Paint Do You Use On Acrylic Signs?

The best paint to use when making acrylic signs is acrylic paint. It will last longer than other craft paints as long as you used a good-quality one. Then, apply it using a paintbrush, sponge, or even as a spray, depending on the design you’re doing on the acrylic sign. 

Be mindful of the thickness of your painted sections so they can dry thoroughly. This is important when waiting for the next coat. 

You can hasten the drying process with a hairdryer as long as you never get the acrylic too hot that you’ll damage the paint or cause the sheet itself to warp. Finally, seal the painted acrylic to prevent the design from scraping off. 


How Do You Do Letters On Acrylic?

Tracing letters on acrylic is much easier, especially for a beginner. First, print the lettering on your computer and then use a paint pen to follow the strokes of each letter.

Consider an acrylic paint pen or an oil-based paint pen to prevent smearing as you do letters. And depending on the design, use the correct size of a paint pen tip to achieve the fineness or thickness you want. 

If you work better with freehand lettering, you can also use calligraphy nib and ink on acrylic sheets. Just make sure that the acrylic sheet you’re designing has a smooth surface.

What if you made a mistake? You can remove the ink or paint with soap and water if it’s still wet or Windex for dried paint. 

Use paper towels, soap, and water for calligraphy ink or scrub with Windex if it’s dried acrylic paint. Unfortunately, oil-based paint pens are permanent, and you can’t remove them, so be careful when lettering with them. 



And that’s it! We’ve learned how to make acrylic wedding signs by printing and taping the design at the back of the acrylic sheet, then tracing with paint pens.

From here, you can design and paint as you want with acrylic paint. 

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