How To Make Wedding Program Fans In 2 Steps

Those who want to know how to make wedding program fans can simplify it into two easy steps. We’ll help you make wedding programs in the form of fans for a unique and useful way to inform your guests of the wedding programs. 

We will also share tips on designing and handing out wedding programs so that you can make the best programs for your big day. And as for the budget, read how much do wedding programs cost

how to make wedding program fans


Easy DIY Tutorial On How To Make Wedding Program Fans

Please prepare A9 card stocks, fan handles, glue, and a printer to create these wedding program fans for the ceremony. There are wooden fan handles that you can buy in most craft stores, and for a typical A9-sized wedding program, an 8-inch wooden fan handle would be appropriate.

So how to design wedding program fans? You will use Microsoft Word for your convenience as most people are familiar with this program. 


Step 1. Design and print the wedding programs

  • Launch MS word and find the template that suits your wedding program design in mind; you don’t need to select templates for programs meant to be folded like brochures
  • Play with the fonts, colors, and designs to customize your programs; keep in mind that decorations should still look classy, and it’s crucial for the information in the program to be readable 
  • To make the wedding programs easy to decipher, use dividing lines for each information section; play with the line style, color, and weight according to your wedding theme
  • Remember that you’re designing the front and back of the wedding programs, but you’ll use two cards for each
  • Print the program fans on MS Word; this part is self-explanatory, but you should check if the card stocks you’re using are compatible with your printer 


Step 2. Construct the DIY wedding program fans 

  • After making and printing the wedding ceremony programs on the cards, you can construct the fan wedding programs with the wooden handles
  • The design of these wedding program fans is a basic hand fan, so no folding is necessary
  • Cover the upper half of the wooden handle with glue and place the blank side of the front card over it 
  • After drying, flip the wedding program fan and put glue on the other side of the front program card
  • Put the blank face of the back program card over the blank face of the front program card and stick in place; make sure that the front and back cards are fit to each other perfectly 
  • Allow the wedding program fans to dry to finish


How Do You Design A Wedding Program?


What goes on a program for a wedding?

Before you create and design wedding programs, you must know the wording and information to put on a wedding program. Here is a list of what to have for a general wedding ceremony program format:

  • The names of the bride and groom
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding ceremony location
  • Words of welcome
  • Blessing
  • Outline the wedding ceremony program traditions and event 
  • Names of the people participating in the wedding ceremony 

A basic wedding ceremony is composed of the following:

  • Processional
  • Words of welcome and introduction
  • Readings
  • Vow and ring exchange 
  • Kiss
  • Unity ceremony
  • Closing remarks
  • Recessional

You should list the names of the people participating in these wedding programs events and their roles. For example, write your officiant and the people at your wedding party.

You can also use the wedding program to honor those who passed. Here is how to include a deceased parent in the wedding if you want to honor them on your wedding day. 

Some other extras you can include in the wedding program are:

  • Wedding venue directions
  • Your love story
  • Reminder to unplug or keep phones silent


How to make wedding programs that will wow your guests

  • Choose a wedding program size; the most common ones are 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 5.5 by 5.5 inches, and 4.25 by 11 inches
  • Decide on a wedding program style: for wedding program fans, it can be a simple printed card you glue on handles, or for standalone programs, try half-fold, z-fold, booklet, scroll, or envelope
  • Choose a wedding program theme according to your wedding theme, the readability of the font style, and how it matches the wedding venue
  • Consider your wedding budget when designing and printing wedding programs 


How Do You Hand Out Wedding Programs?

Besides making wedding program fans or other types of wedding program formats, it’s important to understand wedding program etiquette. How do you hand them out at the venue? 

  • Place a table by the venue entrance and put a sign on it to notify guests about the programs
  • Place wedding programs on each seat at the wedding venue
  • Have your ushers hand out wedding programs to the guests

Note that you don’t need to give programs to every guest. You can just count one program per household as not everyone should have a copy. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make wedding program fans in two steps.

You will design a basic program in MS Word and print the front and back on separate cards. Then sandwich a wooden handle between them, and voila!

You can also try other program formats, but wedding program fans will be helpful, especially on a hot summer outdoor wedding. 

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