How Much Do Wedding Programs Cost And How To DIY

If you’re curious about how much do wedding programs cost, know the expected prices to print wedding programs below. As a comparison, we will also provide a guide on how to make a wedding program at home and how much will you potentially save doing so. 

Wedding programs are among the costs you must budget for wedding stationery. So to know more about the list of prints, read what is wedding stationery

how much do wedding programs cost


How Much Do Wedding Programs Cost To Print?

The printing price for wedding programs will depend on the service you find. For example, it’s possible to find some shops that will offer $0.65 for printing each wedding program. 

A helpful tip to save on costs is ordering or printing many stationery pieces in one place. For example, you may include printing the menu or place cards in the company, and they may offer discounts because of the order volume. 


How many wedding programs to order?

To further save on the wedding program printing cost, know that you don’t need to print an equivalent number of programs for your wedding guests. Instead, get the final headcount of your guests and print 75% of it for the wedding programs. 

This is assuming that not all guests will arrive at the program. For example, some guests also come from a single household, or some younger guests don’t need a copy of the program. 


Can You Make Your Own Wedding Programs?

You can make your own wedding programs if you think the cost of printing from service would cost too much relative to your budget. Many websites provide customizable and readily-printable wedding programs, so you don’t need to be artsy and tech-savvy. 

The budget you only need to allocate includes the costs of the template, the printer, paper, and ink. Try to compare how much you’ll save with DIY wedding programs versus the costs of finding a shop to print them for you. 


How Do I Make A Wedding Program?

  1. Find a wedding program template online
  2. Customize it with your details and edit the design as you wish
  3. Double-check the information for the wedding program
  4. Download the wedding program and crop as needed before printing
  5. Prepare cardstocks for the wedding programs and print
  6. Add decors on the programs if needed; for example, a rustic wedding can have the program decorated with burlap ribbons, twine, and glue


How big should a wedding program be?

There is no set rule regarding the size of the wedding program. But because it will contain the breakdown of the wedding schedule and events, it should be big enough, so the words are easy to read and understand. 

That being said, consider an 8.5 by 5.5-inch paper for the wedding program. Some printing companies may also offer other sizes like a square 5.5 by 5.5-inch or a 4.25 by 11-inch wedding program size. 


What type of paper should I use for wedding programs?

Another significant factor for the wedding program for the printing costs and expenses of wedding programs is the paper you’ll use. You can match the design of the program and wedding theme, and it should have some structure so it won’t get bent or wrinkled quickly. 

Consider card stock or a specific type of paper stock with a texture that you think matches the design and theme of the program. Some paper stock finishes include velvet, gloss, matte, and even UV. 


How do you program a wedding ceremony?

Use the following order as wording for DIY wedding programs:

  1. Names of the bride and groom, wedding date, and wedding venue
  2. Prelude, processional, greeting, opening blessing, wedding message, readings, union, music, vow and ring exchange, unity ceremony, pronouncement, introduction, and recessional
  3. Names and roles of the wedding party members
  4. Thank your guests for coming
  5. Honor loved ones

If your mom or dad passed away, read how to include a deceased parent in the wedding


Is A Program Necessary For A Wedding?

A wedding program is necessary for a wedding, so its price should be included in your total wedding cost. The program will inform the guests of the flow of events and it will also guide everyone with the scheduling of the whole day. 

However, if you think printing wedding programs would cost you too much, you don’t need to print multiple pieces. It’s also possible to provide a digital copy of the program nowadays by making it available for download on your wedding website. 


How to skip wedding programs

Besides providing the program online for download, you can still have the program at the wedding venue. However, instead of providing a copy for each guest, you will use a single wedding sign. 

Place a large sign by the entrance of the ceremony venue. You can DIY the sign or have it printed with the ceremony schedule and event information. 

If you want to write the sign, try this tutorial on how to make a chalkboard wedding sign


What Is Usually Included In A Wedding Program?

  • Order of the ceremony
  • Wedding day timeline
  • Wedding party information
  • Honorable mentions 
  • Details about the wedding traditions if needed



And that’s it! To recap how much do wedding programs cost, it can be under a dollar per piece. 

You can also compare printing costs at home versus finding a printing service. Overall, a wedding program is necessary stationery because it informs the guests of the wedding timeline. 

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