What To Wear Semi Formal Wedding

If you’re unsure of what to wear semi formal wedding, we’ll define this wedding attire dress code’s dos and dont’s. In addition, you will know what shoes to wear and the length to expect on your dress and clothes.

The semi-formal wedding attire is perhaps the most common dress code in weddings, so you should understand how to follow it without overdressing. And for additional tips regarding the appropriate wedding outfit colors, read what colors to wear at a wedding.  

what to wear semi formal wedding


Semi-Formal Wedding Attire 101: What To Wear Semi Formal Wedding


Semi-formal wedding guest outfit meaning

A semi-formal wedding guest outfit refers to clothes that are dressy but not as formal as tuxedos and evening gowns expected in formal and black-tie weddings. It’s the perfect dress code for most weddings because it’s not hard to follow a semi-formal dress etiquette as the clothes are usually closet staples.

So what do you wear to semi-formal weddings? You can imagine clothes you’ll wear to a cocktail wedding but with lesser glam or more formal business style.

For example, women can wear midi dresses and skirts with dressy blouses, and men can opt for suits or blazers. The patterns and colors for semi-formal wedding attire are also solid and dark than bright and shimmery, but florals and subtle geometric designs are usually seen.

Can you wear jeans to a semi-formal wedding? The answer depends on the wedding venue and time.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, it’s likely acceptable to wear plain blue or black jeans but never those with distressed or ripped features to maintain wedding formality.


Shoes for a semi-formal wedding guest outfit

The shoes you can wear with the semi-formal wedding attire include dressy heels and flats for women. You can go with the classic kitten heels or pumps if they complement your pantsuit or dress. 

What to wear to a semi-formal wedding for men? Men can opt for loafers, oxfords, or even dressy boots, whichever fit the wedding venue and theme. 

Can you wear sneakers to a semi-formal wedding? You can wear plain and dressy sneakers to some weddings, but consider the wedding venue, theme, or ask other guests. 


Lengths for a semi-formal wedding attire 

Another tricky consideration with semi-formal wedding attire is knowing the appropriate lengths for your dress. You can wear something at the same level as your knees or a midi skirt if you want something longer. 

You don’t need a floor-length outfit as your semi-formal dress is not similar to what you’d wear to a black-tie or evening wedding. And of course, for men, you shouldn’t wear denim shorts or anything that’s short on the legs.


What Should You Not Wear To A Semi-Formal Wedding?

The term semi-formal can be misleading as guests might assume that this dress code is just a step above casual. Here are some clothes you must avoid wearing to maintain wedding formality if the dress code is semi-formal:

  • Ripped denim 
  • Joggers
  • Cargo pants
  • Shorts for men and women
  • Yoga pants
  • Graphic t-shirt
  • Sports shoes
  • Sexy dress
  • Sleeveless men t-shirt
  • Flip-flops
  • Eye-catching patterns
  • Neon colors
  • White
  • Bridal style dresses and skirts

And if the wedding did not indicate any formality for the guest outfit, you can read what to wear to a wedding with no dress code for outfit ideas. 


Do You Have To Wear A Suit To A Semi-Formal Wedding?

The best outfit idea for men attending a semi-formal wedding is a classic suit and tie. But, of course, since it’s semi-formal, you can get away with light colors like tan, gray, or even blue. 

If it’s a daytime or outdoor wedding, you can switch the suit with a blazer or dressy jacket. Just pick dressy pants and shoes to avoid looking casual. 

For example, some semi-formal pants for men with a blazer or suit include slacks, khakis, or even solid black jeans that can work for some weddings. And as for the shoes, pick something leather or solid-colored that will suit the wedding venue. 


Can A Woman Wear Pants To A Semi-Formal Wedding?

Women can switch skirts or dresses with pants when attending a semi-formal wedding. The key is picking a style and color for the top to elevate your look. 

For example, suits and pants for women can look classy for a wedding. Or if the wedding is more conservative, you can select a dressy jumpsuit and add a coverup like a cardigan or a jacket. 

Beach weddings are another example of a semi-formal wedding where women can wear pants for comfort. Think of what you’ll wear to a business event but style it up to match the joyous wedding occasion. 


Is Semi-Formal Long Or Short Dress?

You don’t need a long evening gown for a semi-formal wedding. Usually, the famous dress lengths for female guests are midi or right at the knee, whichever fits the wedding theme, season, and venue best. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear semi formal wedding, you can combine the outfits from a cocktail and business formal event. 

It doesn’t need to be glamorous, but very casual attire is also unacceptable. Guests can wear some clothes like midi and knee-length dresses, suits and khakis, heels, and loafers.

We hope this gave you an idea of what to wear; let us know below what wedding dress code you want to learn next.

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