How To Make Wedding Invitations On Microsoft Word

If you want to learn how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft Word, simplify it into three steps. We will help you select the best invitation template on Microsoft word and customize invitations to suit your wedding theme.

We have included a bonus tutorial on making a 5 x7 invitation on Microsoft Word as well if it’s the size you want. And if you don’t want to go to a printing shop, you can read how to print wedding invitations at home

how to make wedding invitations on microsoft word


Easy Way On How To Make Wedding Invitations On Microsoft Word


Step 1. Choose a template on Microsoft Word

  • You can quickly learn how to create a wedding invitation at home using MS Word because of the different templates available
  • Open Microsoft Word on your computer and create a new and empty Word document
  • Depending on the wedding invitation you want to make, select the template you think would suit the style best
  • To browse the templates, test the available categories on the left panel and check the thumbnail preview of whatever you selected on the right; you can also download premium templates from MS Office
  • Consider the information you’ll put on the wedding invitations you’ll create when choosing a template; there should be a category for Invitations to save time on finding the best template for a wedding invitation 


Step 2. Customize invitations

  • After you have selected the template for your DIY wedding invitation on Word, it’s time to design it to have unique wedding invitations
  • Learning how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft word is fun because it’s also user-friendly and self-explanatory, so feel free to experiment as you go
  • Click the text boxes to edit them and input the wedding invitation information
  • Some templates also have customizable image boxes, so design with your wedding theme in mind
  • Replace the images, drag the decors, change the font size, style, or colors as needed to make your MS Word invitations more eye-catching 


Step 3. Print wedding invitations

  • After you’re satisfied with how your wedding invitations on Microsoft Word turn out, please double-check if the information is correct
  • There should be no typos and errors, especially with the addresses and names on the invites
  • Make sure the texts are easy to read, and the invitation decorations are not confusing when combined together
  • Save the invitation file like you usually save any Word document and rename it as “wedding invitation” for easy organizing of DIY wedding stationery
  • Prepare the proper type and size of paper and print at home or give the file to a professional printing shop, whichever is convenient for your DIY MS Word wedding invites

Do you find your MS Word invitation too plain-looking? Here are some easy and affordable tips on how to dress up wedding invitations


Can You Make Wedding Invitations On Microsoft Word?

You can use Microsoft Word to create a wedding invitation at home. This allows couples to customize their invites fully and save on expenses because they can print the MS Word document at home. 

Here are some tips to get the most out of Microsoft Word when making wedding invitations: 

  • Have a theme in mind, and use your wedding style as a guide to come up with the right design for your wedding invites
  • Write the invitation information you want to have, and don’t forget that your wedding website is meant to have the bulk of wedding information; your wedding invitations don’t need to be full of words
  • Prepare the proper card size, and it should be compatible with your home printer if you’re printing your MS Word invitations at home
  • After selecting the invitation template on Word, adjust the designs and fonts accordingly; more than the design, the invitation should be easy to decipher
  • When making multiple information cards for the wedding invitation suite, be consistent with their theme for a classy look 


Is There An Invitation Template In Word?

You can make different invitations on Microsoft Word because of the other templates available. Creating a design according to your wedding style, theme, and color scheme should be easy. 

If unsatisfied with what is readily available, you can download templates online. Just check if the template is for Word. 


How Do I Make A 5×7 Invitation In Word?

  1. Open a new and empty Word document
  2. Select Page Layout to adjust the size
  3. Click Margins and change the normal default to narrow 
  4. Select orientation according to the style of invitation you’re making; some wedding invitation cards usually use landscape orientation
  5. Adjust the size to 5 by 7 inches
  6. Input the information for the invitation; keep in mind that if the wordings are too long, they will continue into another document 
  7. Insert your card into the printer and select print on MS Word
  8. Open the scaling option and select the box for 5 by 7 inches
  9. Print to know how the invitation will turn out 

Here are the wedding invitation sizes if you’re curious about which is the most common and cheapest for postage. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft Word in three easy steps. 

It’s as simple as selecting the template, customizing the design, and then printing the MS Word document. You can even download premium templates if you’re unsatisfied with the available ones on Microsoft. 

Let us know below if this tutorial is helpful, and read how to make wedding programs on MS Word if you’re interested. 

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