How To Dress Up Wedding Invitations: 6 Creative Ways

You can consider six ways how to dress up wedding invitations to make them more creative and unique for your wedding. These tricks should suit different wedding themes, and some of them can even be used for DIY wedding invites. 

We will also share tips to make wedding invitations look classy rather than tacky. And when it comes to building an invitation suite, we recommend that you read how to stuff wedding invitations


DIY Wedding Invitations To Try: How To Dress Up Wedding Invitations


Play with colors on your wedding invitations

One of the easiest ways to spice up the look of your invitations is to play with colors. But, of course, you don’t want bizarre color combinations that make the information on the invitation hard to understand. 

However, the color used in the wedding invitation suite influences how it looks. Even if you don’t use fancy decors, the right color combination can make it more interesting. 

Use your wedding theme as a guide and take inspiration from other invitation color schemes online. For example, what if you change the border color on the inserts or use a different color envelope


Add details on the wedding invites

The details and decors on the wedding invitations don’t have to be plenty, but they’re a great way to dress up the usual cards inside an envelope for your wedding invites. For example, consider adding charms or ribbons to the invites to add texture and interest to the invitations. 

Another option is to use ribbons and lace on the cards instead of relying on the printed decorations of the invitations. A trend nowadays is using hot wax to seal the envelope; you can even get it customized with your initials for the wedding. 

However, be mindful of how thick your invitation suite will be. Furthermore, it’s costly to mail invitations if they have too many embellishments. 


Use interesting belly bands

You can dress up your wedding invitations elegantly with interesting belly bands. Belly bands are not only aesthetically pleasing but also help ensure that the entire stack will be well-kept. 

You can use a contrasting color, different layer materials, or cut the belly band style to improve its look. Feel free to read how to make belly bands for wedding invitations for more tips. 


Use shimmering materials for the invitations

Materials like glitter papers would be an affordable and easy way to make your wedding invitation look more exciting and unique. You can use it on the belly band or cut it for use at the card edges of the invitations if you’re going the DIY route. 

Experiment with layering glitter cards with different papers when stacking your invites. Remember to be mindful of the resulting wedding invitation size as it can increase the postage cost. 


Laser cut your invitation materials

A great way to dress up invitations is using laser cut on your stationery. You can instantly make the material more attractive without spending time on crafts. 

This style of dressing up wedding invitations is suitable for romantic and even vintage-style wedding invites. Experiment with the pattern you want on the wrap, belly band, or the cards in the invitation suite themselves. 


Experiment with invitation textures

Besides the color, you can try different textures for your wedding invites. For example, why not process your invitations with UV printing to raise the text on the cards?

This adds to the look and experience of the wedding invitations. You can also search for different ways to fold your cards in the invitation suite, so the guests can enjoy unpacking your invitations. 


How Can I Make My Wedding Invitations Look Good?

  • Plan a theme in mind for a cohesive look
  • Do not go overboard with colors and decors
  • Be uniform in all your wedding invitations
  • Consider using wedding invitation templates
  • Do not use too much text; utilize your wedding website for the other wedding information
  • Try hiring an artist that specializes in customized wedding invitations
  • Discuss with your partner the look you want for your wedding invitations


How Do I Make My Wedding Invitations Classy?

If you’re curious about how you can make your wedding invitation look classy, consider these tips when designing your invites:

  • Use rectangular or 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch cards
  • Decide on the invitation theme based on your wedding style, type, and color palette
  • Use cursive fonts instead of playful fonts
  • Select a focal element and use subtle details 
  • Experiment with formats 
  • Use lines and shapes instead of oversized pictures and graphics
  • Consider a clean and minimalistic style

You can also read our tutorial on how to handwrite wedding invites to level up your information wording design on them. This is even sentimental since you’re exerting effort on your invitations. 


How Do You Embellish An Invitation?

Try these easy DIY techniques to make your invites more interesting: 

  • Wrap with twine
  • Use a lace belly band
  • Laser cut the cards
  • Use stickers
  • Layers ribbon strips



And that’s it! You just learned how to dress up wedding invitations using colors, details, belly bands, shimmering materials, laser cutting, and textures. 

We hope our craft ideas inspire you; let us know below which one you liked best. 

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