How To Make Your Own Wedding Programs On Microsoft Word

It’s easy to learn how to make your own wedding programs on Microsoft Word because it’s only three steps. In addition, Microsoft Word is user-friendly and accessible, so couples who want to make their wedding programs at home can consider this straightforward tutorial to save on costs and fully customize their wedding program style. 

We will also discuss how to create your own custom wedding program design if you want a multi-page type. And if you’re going with the DIY stationery route for your wedding needs, you can also read how to make wedding invites on MS Word

how to make your own wedding programs on microsoft word


How To Make Your Own Wedding Programs On Microsoft Word In 3 Steps 


Step 1. Design the wedding program

  • Sit down with your partner and plan the design you want for your DIY programs
  • Consider the wedding theme and the information you’ll give the guests with the wedding program
  • Remember that the wedding program should be straightforward and the guests can check the other wordy information on your wedding website
  • Launch Microsoft Word to create your own wedding program
  • Familiarize yourself with the toolbars and buttons


Step 2. Find the proper wedding program template on Microsoft Word

  • MS Word is perfect for your own custom DIY wedding programs because of the readily available templates
  • Choose the Microsoft Word template for your new document, whichever is fitting for the design you have in mind
  • For wedding programs, consider “brochures” on the templates; this is ideal for most wedding programs, so you’ll have enough space for the information, and the guests can easily understand your program
  • Check the brochure so it will have the number of sections you want; for example, do you want a tri-fold or bi-fold wedding program? 
  • If you don’t find the brochure template for your wedding in MS Word, there are many interesting brochure templates you can download online from Office


Step 3. Customize the wedding program

  • The final step in making your wedding programs is customizing the design of the template you selected
  • What’s fantastic when you create your own wedding program at home is you have complete control over how it will look, so it’s more personal and sentimental
  • The brochure template allows you to modify its color scheme, so use your wedding theme as inspiration and have a consistent look with your wedding stationery 
  • Experiment with different font styles, colors, and sizes, but more than aesthetics, make sure that the wording on your programs is easy to read by the guests 
  • Add decors like images and graphics to make your DIY wedding programs more unique and interesting
  • After you’re satisfied with creating your own program, save the file as you usually would in MS Word
  • You can bring it in a flash drive to a printing shop or print it at home as long as your printer is compatible with your program paper


How Do I Make A Program For An Event In Word?

It’s easy to create your own custom wedding program design in MS Word because the buttons are self-explanatory. You’ll have fun experimenting, adjusting, and customizing the design, so here’s a tutorial you can make for other event programs related to the wedding besides the ceremony and reception:

  1. Use the Book Fold layout in Microsoft Word by going to the Page Layout tab and then changing the Multiple pages settings to Book fold 
  2. Adjust the document layout according to the program size you want for the wedding event; the orientation for this Word layout is Landscape 
  3. Select the paper size according to the paper and printer you’ll use
  4. Add borders on the pages for added appeal and neatness
  5. Input the wedding event information and adjust the images and other designs you included 
  6. Check the printer settings so you’ll print on both sides of the paper; remember that this event program works like a book
  7. Depending on the printer you’re using, you may need to manually print on both sides and feed the printer yourself to print on each side; consider using a printer that can automatically print on both sides


How Do You Make A Multi-Page Wedding Program?

Weddings with multiple events will be easier to understand and follow with a multi-page wedding program. 

  1. Fold a piece of 8.5 by 11-inch card stock width-wise 
  2. Glue a lighter-colored liner paper in the center of the card stock
  3. For added appeal, print your wedding monogram on a card stock around 2.5 by 2.5 inches and glue it on the booklet cover
  4. Prepare the wedding program information on MS Word and print them in landscape orientation on 7.5 by 10-inch papers
  5. Fold the pages width-wise and construct your booklet
  6. Close the booklet with the pages inside, ensuring that everything is arranged neatly, and punch holes on the side; two holes 3 inches from the top and bottom of the multi-page booklet should suffice
  7. Open the booklet carefully and thread ribbon or twine through the holes
  8. Close the multi-page wedding program and tie to finish

Do you prefer a unique wedding program? Why not learn how to make wedding program fans instead? 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make your own wedding programs on Microsoft Word. 

Start with planning the information and design of your DIY MS Word programs. Then, select the template for it and customize it accordingly. We hope our booklet programs are also helpful but feel free to leave us a question if you have any! 

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