How Much Do Wedding Favors Cost: Ideas And More

If you’re curious about how much do wedding favors cost, you can prepare a budget as affordable as a dollar per favor. But to help you plan better, we’ll share the prices to expect to manage your wedding expenses better. 

You can also refer to our separate discussion on how much to spend on wedding favors. This way, you’ll know the reasonable amount to allocate for these items. 

how much do wedding favors cost


Here’s Exactly How Much Do Wedding Favors Cost


Low-cost wedding favors

For couples on a limited budget, you can still show your appreciation to your guests and gratitude to your wedding party with affordable wedding favors. It’s possible to spend as low as a dollar per favor or at least $1.50 to include the other expenses like the bag or wrap of the item. 

Remember that you also don’t need to use the guestlist number as the same number of favors to order. Therefore, you may be saving more costs than expected with the favors. 

But if you don’t want something too affordable, you can adjust your budget and opt for medium-cost wedding favors. Consider spending at least $3 per wedding favor, including its packaging. 


High-cost wedding favors

If you’re having a big and grand wedding, it’s only fitting to have a bigger budget for the wedding favors. You can also indulge in high-cost wedding favors for your wedding party. 

That being said, prepare to spend $5 or higher per wedding favor. If you’re giving them to the wedding party, make sure that they are somewhat unique for better sentimentality. 

The groom can plan the favors for his groomsmen and the bride for her bridesmaids. Just make sure to settle your expenses for the other wedding needs beforehand. 


How Much Should Wedding Favors Cost?

There are no right or wrong prices for how much each wedding favor should cost as the expenses for every wedding is different. However, you can consider cheap wedding favors if your wedding budget is small, to begin with. 

On average, couples spend under $250 for their wedding favors, focusing on giving the guests the best experience in the reception and wedding catering. But if you have an extra budget, you might be pleased with spending $10 per favor, especially if they’re just for select guests. 

Another way to know a reasonable expense for the guest gifts and favors is to compute for 2% of your total wedding budget. Then, only spend the resulting amount for the favors so you won’t take away the budget for the other wedding elements. 

And of course, please know how many wedding favors to order. By understanding the number to order, you won’t end up with excess favors by the end of the wedding. 


Do You Really Need Wedding Favors?

No wedding etiquette requires couples to provide wedding favors. However, most couples still prefer to allocate a budget for favors as it’s a way to thank their guests. 

They’ll also serve as a souvenir for each guest who attended the wedding. Otherwise, it’s also acceptable to give favors to the wedding party. 

Nowadays, not all guests even take home a wedding favor by the exit. So overall, the choice is between you and your partner if you want to spend on favors. 


Is It Okay To Not Have Wedding Favors?

It’s perfectly okay not to have wedding favors if you’re contacted with a budget. Some types of weddings are even considered enough with the experience they provide to guests in the reception that take-home favors are unnecessary. 

For example, perhaps you’re treating your guests to various parties and celebrations before and after the wedding. Some couples even shoulder the expenses for the travel and accommodations of their destination wedding. 


Are Wedding Favors Optional?

Wedding favors are optional for guests. For example, there might be a dedicated table by the reception exit so the guest can each take a favor before leaving. 

You’re free not to get one if you think the numbers are limited relative to the guest count. However, some favors are addressed to each household or guest.

In this case, it’s only suitable to get your favor since the couple already dedicated it to you. Some wedding receptions even have the favors on each table so that the guests can find theirs


What Do People Usually Give As Wedding Favors?

The classic wedding favors you’ll find at weddings include candies, chocolates, treats, sweets, pastries, and even snacks. Some couples even give mini liquor bottles, glasses, or personalized items that can be used in the house like mugs or decors like miniatures.  

Nowadays, giving seeds, plants, or even charity donations to your wedding guests is a trend. But for the wedding party, the couple usually gives them goodie bags that they can use for the wedding after-party. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how much do wedding favors cost, low-cost ones can be $1 each, but you can spend as much as $10 per favor, depending on your budget. 

Ultimately, talk with your partner if you think it’s necessary to buy favors for the wedding. Furthermore, make sure to order enough but not too many to avoid unnecessary and wasted expenses. 

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