How To Make An Oreo Wedding Cake In 2 Steps

Those who want to know how to make an oreo wedding cake can do so in two easy steps. We’ll also share ideas not just on making an oreo cake but also on what to do with oreos to present them at your wedding.

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how to make an oreo wedding cake


Easiest Way On How To Make An Oreo Wedding Cake

To make this easy recipe on oreo wedding cakes, we recommend that you prepare a dozen oreos, mini oreos, half a pound of chocolate for melting, half a cup of basic white frosting or extra white chocolate if you prefer, and wedding cake decorations. We’ll be making a mini-tiered oreo wedding cake coated in chocolate, but you can always use other types of frosting and decors to suit the theme of your wedding. 


Step 1. Stack oreo cookies

  • Prepare a clean table to ensure that no debris will get into the oreo wedding cake
  • Unpack all the oreos and mini oreos; you can also use double stuf oreos 
  • Melt the chocolate accordingly
  • If you’re using frosting, add a bit of it over a regular-sized oreo then stack a mini oreo over it; you can also use melted chocolate to glue the two oreo cookies together 


Step 2. Make the chocolate frosting for the oreo cake

  • After the stacked oreo “wedding cake” has set, use the frosting or melted chocolate to cover it completely
  • Use as many chocolate or frosting coatings as needed and let the mini cake set
  • Make as many mini oreo wedding cakes as needed for the wedding
  • Decorate with hearts or small wedding cake toppers to suit the wedding theme
  • You can also put the mini wedding cakes on plates and decorate them with crushed oreos and fruits


How Do You Make Bride And Groom Oreos?

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can serve decorated oreo cookies at your wedding. Following the bridal theme, why not make bride and groom-inspired wedding oreos?

These can also be your wedding favors giving the guests. Make sure to manage your time, especially if you’re the only one decorating the oreos for the wedding. 

  1. Prepare coated oreo cookies or dip them in melted chocolate
  2. For the decor, prepare white, light yellow, and black royal icing; make sure that you beat the icing until it forms picks as this is the perfect consistency for decorating
  3. Make the groom oreo wedding cookies with a v-shaped white royal icing in the middle for the inner shirt of the tuxedo, then coat the sides with black icing to create the groom’s suit; add the details like the groom’s tie and buttons with black royal icing
  4. Make the bride oreo wedding cookies by spreading light yellow icing over the cookie; once dried, make a sweetheart neckline wedding dress or m shape on one side with white royal icing and add a small u shape on the other to mimic the bride’s pearl necklace


How Do You Stick Oreos Together?

You must know how to stick oreos together, especially when making an oreo wedding cake. This is also helpful as a way to make oreo wedding towers and ensure that the structure will last throughout the wedding reception. 

Try these tips to glue the cookies together for your oreo cakes or any other oreo recipe for the wedding:

  • Experiment with the “glue” you’ll use between the cookies, such as royal icing or tempered chocolate
  • Use a solid structure instead of relying on the cookies alone 
  • Put internal supports such as rods when using numerous cookies
  • Cover the entire structure with fondant
  • Do small oreo towers and cakes instead 


How Do You Make An Oreo Tower?

Instead of recreating a tiered wedding cake, consider oreo towers as substitutes for wedding cakes. Here’s an easy recipe that can suit occasions such as weddings and new year’s eve parties: 

  1. Crush oreo cookies and add softened cream cheese
  2. Mix until you can form balls with the mixture
  3. Freeze the oreo balls for an hour
  4. Melt white chocolate and dip the balls in it
  5. Decorate according to your wedding theme
  6. Refrigerate the coated oreo balls for an hour
  7. Prepare a styrofoam cone by covering it with aluminum foil 
  8. Press toothpicks around the cone starting at the bottom
  9. Stick a ball on each toothpick to cover the tower completely


What Kind Of Cookies Are Good For A Wedding?

If you prefer a cookie table for your wedding, here are the best desserts for your guests. You can also read how to display cookies at a wedding for tips on making an eye-catching cookie wedding bar. 

  • Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Meringue cookies
  • Sandwich cookies
  • Hazelnut cookies
  • Red velvet cookies



Was this recipe helpful? You just learned how to make an oreo wedding cake in two easy steps.

You’re only stacking a mini oreo over a regular one with frosting as the glue. Then cover the entire oreo mini wedding cake with frosting or melted chocolate.

Let the cake set and decorate according to your wedding theme to finish. 

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