What To Get Best Man For Wedding Gift: 2 Best Ideas

If you have no idea what to get best man for wedding gift, consider two types of gifts. Then, we’ll give specific examples and suggestions so that you can find the perfect wedding gift for your best man. 

You’ll also know what a guy usually would enjoy receiving as gifts, so these gifts apply to groomsmen as well. And if you haven’t selected the person himself, do you know how many best man at a wedding?

what to get best man for wedding gift


Fun Options On What To Get Best Man For Wedding Gift


Personalized best man gifts

A great way to make your best man feel appreciated and special is to get him a personalized best man gift. You can get some items monogrammed, embroidered, engraved, or printed with his name or even the words “thank you.” 

Below are some best man gifts you can consider for specific examples. However, it’s always good to take into consideration how well you know him and get him something you know he’ll love. 

  • Customized figurine
  • Personalized whiskey decanters
  • Personalized lighter
  • Personalized pocket knife
  • Personalized poker set
  • Monogrammed shaving set
  • Engraved beer mug
  • Engraved tobacco pipe
  • Engraved watch
  • Embroidered wallet
  • Monogrammed bag
  • Monogrammed handkerchief 


Practical items for a guy

Your best man gift can be something valuable and practical. This is also exceptionally sentimental because he’ll remember you when using them.

It’s easy to come up with an item he might need based on how well you know your best man. Try the wedding gifts below, or you can also ask for suggestions from those close to him on what he’ll like. 

  • Grooming or pampering kit
  • Wallet
  • Shades
  • Phone docking station
  • Bottle opener
  • Whiskey stones
  • Beer cooler
  • Shot glass
  • Tumbler
  • Beer club membership
  • Camp survival kit
  • Themed and unique items based on your best man’s interests and hobbies


Do You Buy A Gift For The Best Man?

No rules and etiquette require the groom to get a wedding gift for his best man. However, it’s only fitting to take the time and show your closest guy pal that you appreciate him being your wedding best man. 

You can choose to give the best man gift during your best man proposal. It can be an item he can use for the wedding, like cuff links or a necktie.

You can also give the best man his gift after the wedding along with your thank-you cards for the rest of the wedding party or groomsmen. And even if it’s not common for guys to show sentimentality with each other, some grooms even include a letter with their gift to thank their best man in more detail. 


How Much Should You Spend On A Best Man Gift?

A range between $20 to $100 is a reasonable price when buying gifts for the best man. Use the amount you spent on the gifts for your groomsmen as a guide, as it would seem tacky if they were drastically different. 

You can also spend $30 on your groomsmen gifts, then buy your best man gift for $40 to $50. If you think that your best man deserves something even pricier, consider giving it in private instead. 

Some grooms just opt to have a trip with their wedding party. It can be a way to show your appreciation for their help and attendance at your wedding. 


When Should I Give My Best Man A Gift?

You can give your best man his gift before or during the wedding. For example, you can give him a card with the best man gift during the best man proposal. 

If you choose to give the gifts to the groomsmen on the morning of your wedding, you can also use this opportunity to share your best man his gift. However, it will feel more genuine to set aside time and have a quick talk with him when you give him the best man gift. 

This way, you can say and express your gratitude for his help at the wedding. Don’t forget to also reminisce about your best moments before the wedding and how you’re always grateful that he’s on your side through the years.  

Do you know that some grooms have a female best man? Read what is a best woman in a wedding to learn more. 


Does The Best Man Give A Gift To The Bride And Groom?

The best man doesn’t need to give the bride and groom a wedding gift as gifts should always be voluntary and not out of obligation. However, the wedding party members are usually the couple’s closest friends and relatives, so it’s only tasteful to get them a wedding gift. 

If you’re the best man, you can ask the groomsmen about the amount of gift they’ll give, so you have an idea. But generally, a starting price of $50 should be ideal, especially if you’re close to the bride and groom. 



And that’s it! To recap what to get best man for wedding gift, you can opt for customized or practical wedding gifts. 

Regardless, you know your best man, and it should be easy to discover something he’ll surely enjoy. And finally, don’t forget to talk, even for a minute, to tell him you appreciate his contributions to the wedding. 

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