How To Display Cookies At A Wedding: Cookie Bar Tips

The best way to learn how to display cookies at a wedding is with a cookie bar. In this guide, you will discover a trendy and cute way to set a cookie bar at your wedding for an eye-catching and memorable dessert station. 

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how to display cookies at a wedding


How Do You Display Cookies At A Wedding?


Step 1. Set a table up

  • Find a cool area in the reception and position your cookie table there; you can also put the cookie table close to the cake table so the guests can easily access these sweets
  • Cover the cookie table with a cloth that matches the wedding reception theme; it can also be a pastel color, which is often correlated to desserts
  • Feel free to add other decors over the cookie table to match it with the other food tables in the reception area


Step 2. Prepare cards

  • Prepare name cards for each cookie type to inform the guests
  • Use a notecard, then fold it in half to help it stand; you can write the cookie name or print it as long as it’s readable and also matches the aesthetic of the dessert station
  • You can also write the main ingredients of each cookie behind the name cards in case some guests have allergies


Step 3. Arrange the cookies

  • Depending on the cookie type, size of the table, and design you want, prepare the containers for the cookies, so all you’ll do is arrange them; some common cookie containers in weddings include canisters, trays, baskets, layered stands, and boxes
  • Arrange the cookies accordingly with their names in front
  • You can have them in alternating rows or align them in one straight line
  • Make sure to put napkins and plates at the end of the cookie bar to help guests 
  • If you’re also giving cookies as wedding favors, place the boxes at the other end of the table, close to the reception exit


Step 4. Decorate the cookie bar 

  • After arranging the cookie bar, step away from it to assess the overall look of the dessert station
  • You can use flower arrangements to fill some spaces
  • The containers can also be wrapped with ribbons or burlap strips
  • Use the wedding theme as an inspiration for the colors and materials
  • Some may even include dips for the cookies or candies for decorating the cookie themselves for an interactive cookie bar, especially if you have many kids at the wedding


What Kind Of Cookies Are Good For A Wedding?

Choosing the cookies you’ll serve at your wedding depends on the guests you’ll have. You can also consider a flavor that varies from your other desserts at the wedding to give everyone an option. 

For some cultures, there are also common cookies seen at weddings. They include Mexican wedding cookies, Italian biscotti, French Madeleines, and Spanish Alfajores.

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Chocolate cookies
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Meringue cookies
  • Butter cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Jam cookies
  • Pecan cookies
  • Sugar cookies
  • Macarons

You can also serve cookies that come in the shape and flavor related to the wedding destination. And if there are many kids, they will surely appreciate a cookie bar with plain cookies that they’ll decorate with the ingredients they like. 

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How To Serve Cookies At A Wedding?


Dessert bar

The most common way to serve cookies at a wedding is to set up a dedicated table. It can be an interactive bar with ingredients for decorating cookies or simply an array of delectable sweet treats for guests who may not like the other desserts.


Welcome gifts

Guests will surely appreciate a goodie bag upon arrival, especially at destination weddings. So why not serve them a cookie that’s known in that location?


Place cards

Cookies are perfect canvases for wordings. Therefore, you can use them for the guests’ place cards at the entrance. 


Decors and centerpieces

If your cookies are just too beautiful to eat, you can treat them as decors around the meal tables. They can even be centerpieces on each table. 


Cake alternative

Those who don’t like cakes and cupcakes can replace them with cookies. Opt for a tiered stand to display wedding-themed cookies


Wedding favors

You can also give cookies as wedding favors to your guests. Place the cookie table by the exit, and don’t forget to label them to help the guests know that they’re complimentary.


How Many Cookies Do You Need For A Wedding Cookie Table?

It’s hard to mention the specific number of cookies you must order for a wedding. However, you must consider the other desserts you’ll serve and if the guest will even like cookies. 

That being said, five to six cookies per guest should be a good start. If there are leftovers, you can always give them as wedding favors. 

As for how many types of cookies to serve at a wedding dessert bar, it will depend if you also offer other desserts. However, two to three should suffice, where one can even be a favorite flavor of the couple.



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to display cookies at a wedding, you can set up a cookie table.

Don’t forget name cards for each cookie type, and feel free to decorate the station to complement the other tables at the wedding. And if you have other ideas for wedding cookies, don’t hesitate to share them below!

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