What Is A Wedding Usher: Duties And Importance

The answer to what is a wedding usher is that he is responsible for guiding the guests in the ceremony. He will show them to their seats, but he might also have additional duties, which we will discuss in more detail below. 

We will mention who can become the usher and if it’s essential to have an usher/ushers in your wedding. Besides, isn’t it the MC’s responsibility to guide guests? 

what is a wedding usher

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What Is A Wedding Usher And His Duties?

The usher is the person who greets and directs the guests at a wedding ceremony. He is the first person to meet the guests and is essential to ensure the smooth flow of the ceremony. 

The usher is typically younger than the groomsmen, and his role focuses on being the wedding’s doorman. Depending on how big the wedding is, he might have a guest checklist to track who attended and prevent wedding crashers

Besides directing the guests, ushers sometimes escort some guests personally to their seats. For example, he may ask male attendees to follow him or take female guests by the arm towards their table or seat.


What Does An Usher Do At A Wedding?

The primary responsibility of the wedding usher is to guide the guests to their seats and ensure that the program will move smoothly according to schedule. They can also greet the guests to ensure they are included in the expected attendee’s list. 

As an usher, you’ll start with seating the guests for the front row of the ceremony location and then work the rest towards the back of the site. Traditionally, you will also ask if the guest is with the bride or groom since the bride’s guests are expected to sit on the left of the aisle and the groom’s guests on the right instead. 

However, the usher can also be responsible for other duties such as preparing the wedding venue before the guests arrive and then packing up the venue after the event. Depending on the relationships with the groomsmen and best man, the usher can also help with the stag party for the groom. 


Who Is Usually An Usher At A Wedding?

Traditionally, the groom’s close male family members and friends can usher at the wedding. However, there is no rule when it comes to the age of the usher as some weddings even trust young boys to usher and guide guests to their tables, as seen here on how to include nephews in a wedding

Another reason close family and friends are considered an usher is to include them in your celebration. For example, you might plan a limited number of groomsmen, so you can have a brother, cousin, or best friend as the wedding usher so they wouldn’t feel overlooked. 

After all, ushers often wear the same outfit as groomsmen. They are even sometimes given a boutonniere as well. 


How many ushers do I need for my wedding?

The number of ushers to get to your wedding depends on how big the wedding is. For example, a formal and large wedding will function smoothly if you have ushers guiding guests. 


Do I need a wedding usher?

It’s not mandatory to have a wedding usher, especially if it’s an intimate ceremony. Some casual weddings even skip having ushers. 


Can A Groomsman Be An Usher?

A groomsman can be an usher since some weddings have him stand up on the groom’s side at the altar as well. It’s not uncommon for some groomsmen to double as ushers and welcome the guests arriving at the ceremony. 

However, it would be a better idea to choose an usher outside of your wedding party, so some close people can also feel included in your wedding. If the ushers are also responsible for seating guests, you can even consider your teen family members or a friend’s son who is old enough for this duty. 


What Is The Difference Between An Usher And A Groomsman?

An usher can be a groomsman and vice versa. However, these two roles differ in how they’re involved in the wedding. For example, the groomsmen are also included during pre-wedding, while the ushers are only involved during the ceremony and reception. 

Here are some other significant differences between an usher and a groomsman:

  • An usher is not necessarily very close to the groom as a groomsman
  • An usher is not included in the pre-wedding activities and planning
  • An usher is not expected to stand by the groom’s side on the altar, but he can
  • An usher is not expected to bring gifts to the wedding
  • An usher is more involved with the guests during the event, while the groomsman is part of the wedding party 
  • An usher is usually younger than a groomsman, but some weddings have junior ushers and groomsmen



And that’s it! We just found out what is a wedding usher, which is someone assigned to greet and guide guests upon their arrival.

The usher can also be a groomsman, but it’s more common to assign someone not from the wedding party to be an usher so everyone can feel included in your wedding. Furthermore, couples are free to modify and not follow some traditions and expectations regarding wedding ushers. 

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