How To Open a Maytag Washer Door Lock? A Few Easy Steps!

Are you using a Maytag washer, and want to know how to open a Maytag washer door lock? Then this article is for you. There is nothing to worry about, as by reading this article, you will know how to open a Maytag washer door lock. 

There are various reasons why the door may become stuck from time to time.

how to open a Maytag washer door lock

It could be because of either one of those general issues. Probably, the machine is still full of water, and that residue is clogging the parts; there may also be a concern with the door lock. So let’s dive in to know a way to unlock the door of your Maytag washer.


Easy Way To Open A Maytag Washer Door Lock

If your Maytag washer door is locked, try the following to unlock it. These few solutions should be able to open the lock on your washer. So, how to open a Maytag washer door lock?

  • Lift the green rope near the washing powder area, press the button on the bottom of the door switch or disconnect the washer for 30 minutes to restart.
  • When there are no significant issues with the washer and no faulty components, you can try dismissing the washing process for several minutes by long-pressing the CYCLE END rather than the CANCEL button. After that, the door should open on its own. Next, locate the door control system/doorknob from the inside. At the bottom of the door lock is an open tab. Unless you hear a click, lift the push-button about a quarter-inch. The door is now ready for use. You may also be interested to read how to take apart a Maytag washer.


What If The Door Still Not Opened? 

Whereas if the door still doesn’t unlock, you must find a solution as soon as possible. If you consider leaving wet clothes in the washing machine, both your clothes and the washer will smell. You can see your fresh clothes through the door but can’t even get them.

This will add to your distress! There seem to be three possible reasons why your washer door won’t open, so keep reading to find out what needs to be done to get it unlocked. But first and foremost, please make sure to turn off and disconnect your device before beginning your repair. It may be helpful to read how do I reset my Maytag washer.


Causes For Door Locked And Their Solutions


  • Malfunctioning door switch

When the washer is turned on, and the door is shut, the door switch must naturally connect when activated; the button locks the cover and instructs the washer’s operating system to start a washing process. If the circuit is broken or has ceased electronically, the Maytag washer door may not open or message to start the cycle. You may also be interested to read the purpose of the lid switch in your washer and signs it could be harmful.

Whenever this occurs, your washing machine will stop moving, draining, or going to start. If the switch does seem to be damaged or stops working due to a lack of stability, it must be replaced by an expert.


  • The washer has not been thoroughly drained

There is a blockage in the drainage process to prevent your washer from emptying; the door will remain closed. When you can see that your machine is still full of water, it appears that there can be a drainage problem. Starting the machine will indeed cause all of the water to overflow, so if feasible, drain it beforehand.

The filtration is perhaps the most likely location for a blockage. Be careful as fuses can take a little time to start releasing at the end of the cycle. The most primary cause is that water has been left in the washer. Attempt a rolling process. If this does not work, you can drain the device by lowering the washer drain nozzle below the barrel. I suggest you read about the right way of plumbing washing machine drain.


  • The handle might be broken

Your washing machine may have no trouble draining, but the doorknob may be weak or floppy. The holder is most probably ruined in this situation. Fortunately, there are two methods for manually opening your washing machine door. If your machine’s handle is facing out, you may even be able to release the catch with some garden wire or chain trimmer line threaded around the door’s edge.

Start pulling the cord or line side to side towards the holder, calmly but firmly, to release the door, grab and unlock the gate. 

It’s A Wrap! 

A locked washer might be very frustrating, but by following the methods mentioned above, you can quickly figure out how to open a Maytag washer door lock, and you can unlock your washing machine’s door easily and quickly. There are many reasons your washer’s door is locked; as stated above, we have to be aware of all the circumstances as anything can cause a door to be closed.

But you can easily open it by following the given solutions. Try to follow all the instructions mentioned in the washer’s manual to avoid locking your washer. If your washer door is still stuck, you can manually open it. Or you may call a technician to help you fix your washer. 

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