How To Make A Wedding Ring: 3 Best Affordable Ways

You can learn various ways on how to make a wedding ring without spending too much. This guide uses wood, aluminum, and even nickel coin. 

You will also know more about the idea of making your own ring if it’s something you’re considering. And speaking of rings, we recommend browsing our blog to learn etiquette tutorials regarding wedding bands and rings. 

how to make a wedding ring

For example, learn how to wear anniversary band with wedding set properly and more. 


How To Make A Wedding Ring: 3 Ways


Using wood

A wooden ring is a unique choice for a wedding ring, but it will be a labor of love. It will also be fitting if your wedding has a rustic theme, but make sure to select a piece of wood with an interesting pattern so it will look nice worn. 

  1. Identify the outer diameter of the wooden ring by measuring the finger size of the wearer
  2. Drill through the wood with a drill press to make the outer hole partially 
  3. Work on the inner hole by drilling through the center of the one you made in the second step
  4. Finish the outer hole with a hole saw
  5. Take the ring out of the saw and sand its inside to achieve your desired width
  6. Sand the ring more with a belt sander to get the perfect size
  7. Round out the edges to make the ring more comfortable
  8. Finish the look by hand sanding and waxing


Using aluminum

If you find a wooden ring unfitting to your taste or wedding theme, consider making a ring from aluminum. Of course, it’s not as eye-catching as embellished rings, but you made it yourself, and it will even look great as a wedding band for the groom. 

  1. Use a small aluminum cube and cut off the corners with a saw you’re comfortable with
  2. Reshape the aluminum piece into something rounded using a large file
  3. Cut the round aluminum piece lengthwise so that you can make two wedding rings
  4. Drill out a hole on each aluminum chunk with a drill press according to the size you want, starting with a small hole in the center before the larger hole outside the ring
  5. File the rings to reshape them to perfection (i.e., desired thickness and hole size)


Using a nickel coin

Filing a DIY aluminum wedding ring can be tasking, especially if you start with a large chunk of aluminum. However, you can save yourself some time and still get an attractive, simple wedding band by using a five-cent coin or any nickel coin that would fit the size of your wedding ring. 

  1. Make a notch in the center of the coin using a nail 
  2. Sandwich the coin in cardboard pieces and drill a hole through the center 
  3. Use a hole punch to make this hole bigger, and then use a rotary tool to grind and reshape the hole to perfection
  4. File the inside of the ring so it will be safer to wear 
  5. Finish the ring and enhance its color by buffing it 


Can You Make Your Own Wedding Ring?

Since it’s unlikely for some homes to have tools for DIY rings, find a jeweler that offers couples to handcraft their own wedding rings. You can partake in designing, heating, shaping, hammering, soldering, polishing, and engraving the rings. 

The wedding ring-making process can take up to five hours, and the cost will be higher than getting ready-made wedding bands. However, this eliminates the hassle and potential safety hazards of making the ring yourself at home, especially if you’re unfamiliar with tools.


How Do You Make A Ring From Scratch?

Make sure to know how should a wedding ring fit to ensure that it will feel comfortable and look well when worn.


Using wires and beads

  1. Cut a piece of craft wire and round both of its ends with a jewelry file
  2. Hold one end of the wire with nose pliers and bend the longer end upward, so the wire is at 90 degrees
  3. Put in the beads at the long end so they’ll rest against the angle 
  4. Bend the wire with the pliers holding the wire next to the final bead downward to make another 90-degree angle
  5. Hold the wire you bent down and manipulate it to make a U-shape with the wire
  6. Continue working and reshaping the wire to form a ring, but be creative to achieve an interesting design
  7. Test the ring on your finger and make sure that it feels comfortable to the skin without any parts poking


Using polymer clay

  1. Roll half an inch of polymer clay and flatten it to about 1/4 inches
  2. Use a round stencil according to the ring size you need and press it onto the clay
  3. Cut the clay accordingly with a ¼-inch allowance around the round shape
  4. Neaten up the edges of the ring
  5. Heat the clay in the oven for half an hour
  6. Varnish the rings to finish



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a wedding ring three ways. 

If you have the right skills and tools, you can turn a piece of wood, aluminum chunk, or even a nickel coin into a wedding band. If you want other easier and wacky options, you can also use wire and beads or polymer clay. 

We hope you enjoy these tutorials. Let us know how your rings turn out. 

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