How Should A Wedding Ring Fit: Get The Perfect Size

You can learn how should a wedding ring fit with five tips. We will also discuss how to get the perfect wedding band size if you have a particular hand shape. 

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how should a wedding ring fit


How Should A Wedding Ring Fit Properly

  • You can get your wedding ring over your knuckles without tugging hardly
  • You can turn the wedding ring on your finger when wearing it but after removing it shows slight compression on the skin
  • You won’t feel any numbness or pain throughout the day when wearing the wedding ring
  • The wedding ring is straight across your finger when wearing it and never unequal or tipped to one side
  • Your skin should be flat on either side of the ring when wearing it and not pushed to one side or the other


If your fingers are bigger than the knuckles

Size down from your intended ring size if your fingers are bigger than the knuckles. This way, the ring will be tight enough to keep it from slippering since your knuckles won’t be able to secure it in place. 


If your knuckles are bigger than the fingers

Test several ring sizes if your knuckles are bigger than the fingers. It might be looser than your expected size to fit over the knuckle, but it shouldn’t slip out of the finger. 


How Tight Should Wedding Band Be?

Your wedding band should be tight enough that it wouldn’t slide off when you’re wearing it throughout the day. Test by walking around with the band and see if it will slide off when trying sizes. 

However, you should still be able to slide it past the knuckle for comfort and remove it without tugging too much. The wedding band should be snug but still has some room around the finger. 


Is my wedding ring too tight?

  • Your finger is numb, or you notice swelling and pain
  • Your finger is red after removing the ring
  • Difficulty in removing the ring or requiring soap to remove it 
  • The skin on either side of the ring is hanging off like a muffin top


Is my wedding ring too big?

  • The wedding ring slides off throughout the day or even when your hand is down
  • The wedding ring is unstable and spins around when moving your hand
  • You can remove the wedding ring without any effort


Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

It’s ideal for getting the perfect ring size, but if you’re unsure, you’re better off getting a size up for your wedding ring. It’s much easier to resize a bigger ring into a smaller one than the other way around. 

There are also ring size adjusters that you can easily add to your ring to make up for the excess space. And finally, remember that the ring size can fluctuate, and some instances may have your fingers swell or shrink. 


Why does my ring size fluctuate?

  • Your ring can feel loose during winter because your fingers can shrink from reduced blood flow to the skin
  • Your ring can feel tight during the hot season because your fingers will expand from the increased blood flow
  • Pregnant women can notice their wedding finger feeling tighter than usual because of swelling from fluid retention
  • If you have arthritis, then your fingers can get larger from the swelling
  • A diet such as an increase in sodium can cause water retention that will get your fingers puffy 
  • Weight gain and weight loss can also affect the size of your fingers


How Can I Guess My Ring Size?

The best way to get your ring size is never to guess but visit the store itself. The jeweler usually has a mandrel to measure your ring size accurately. 

Furthermore, you can ask for their tips and recommendations regarding your queries about your ring size. But if going to the store is something you can’t do for some reason, there are ring-size charts readily available online so that you can take your measurements at home. 

Then, be wary that some stores might have deviations from their ring sizes. Some might have sizes smaller than standard, so opt for a size larger than what you expect to get when you doubt. 


How Do You Find Out Someone’s Ring Size Without Asking Them?

You can ask a close friend or relative about the size of the ring that your partner wears. Just make sure to plan with them well to avoid any suspicions from your significant other. 

If it’s possible, you can also check their jewelry at home and compare it to the store or size chart. You can even get creative and wear the jewelry yourself to test the sizes when you visit the jeweler. 

But who buys the wedding bands and must go through this effort? First, read our etiquette guide regarding wedding rings. 



And that’s it! You just learned how should a wedding ring fit using five tests. 

In general, you want a snug fit but not too tight that you’ll feel pain, or the ring itself doesn’t look good on the finger. It would be better to get a size up as adjustments are possible with some accessories when in doubt. 

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