How To Wear Anniversary Band With Wedding Set

We’ll teach you how to wear anniversary band with wedding set by stacking them in one finger, distributing them on other fingers, or transferring one to another hand. You will also learn more about the etiquette of wearing bands for weddings and anniversaries. 

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how to wear anniversary band with wedding set


Guide On How To Wear Anniversary Band With Wedding Set


Stack the rings together in one finger

The most common way to wear the anniversary band with the wedding band is by stacking them together in one finger. This option will also be visually pleasing, especially if the rings are small or thin. 

The appearance will look fuller, and it’s less likely for the wearer to lose or forget one of the bands. However, this style of wearing the anniversary and wedding rings together will only work well if the designs of each ring will complement each other when combined. 

Consider testing the look on your left ring finger with the wedding band first, followed by the anniversary ring on top of it. This rule follows the same custom when combining a wedding band and engagement ring, so the former is closer to the heart. 


Use different fingers for each band

If the wedding band and anniversary ring are both oversized, stacking them together will look awkward; place them on different fingers on your left hand instead.

If both rings are thick and heavy, the wearer will also be uncomfortable. Keep your wedding ring on your left ring finger for this style, then choose any finger for the anniversary band. 

This gives much more styling freedom to the wearer, and they can even swap it among the other fingers from day to day to match the occasion. You can also wear other rings for this look if you are fond of having multiple hand jewelry pieces. 


Put one ring on the other hand

Some people prefer to put the anniversary band on the right hand and keep the wedding ring on the left hand. There are many reasons to opt for this style, which include personal fashion preference where you might not like the look of having more than one ring in one hand. 

Both rings might also be relatively large, and you’d instead show them individually on each and. But another reason why some would rather have the anniversary band on the right hand and not in the left hand with the wedding ring is for the sentiment. 

We all know that the tradition of putting the wedding finger on the left hand is because it’s deemed to be close to the heart. Perhaps the wearer sees their wedding day as sacred and special, so it shouldn’t be combined with other mementos from another milestone. 


Do You Wear A Wedding Band With An Anniversary Ring?

There is no rule that you must or shouldn’t wear your wedding band with an anniversary ring. Wearing both rings is purely a matter of personal preference. 

No etiquette dictates how to wear and combine these rings. You can put them on the one hand, in a single finger, or separate them on each hand. 


How Is An Anniversary Band Worn?

Wearing the anniversary band depends on your personal preference. You can consider how it will look or what styling will feel comfortable for you. 

For example, anniversary bands that are large or designed intricately are worthy of being shown off. Since the wedding ring is already on your left hand, consider wearing the anniversary band on your right hand. 

If combining the rings won’t make your left hand crowded, you can also wear the anniversary band on any free finger on your left hand. On the contrary, simpler anniversary bands can often be combined with the wedding ring by stacking them on top. 


What Hand Do You Wear An Anniversary Band On?

Most people wear their anniversary band on the right hand since they reserve the left for the wedding ring and engagement ring. However, no rule prohibits you from wearing the anniversary band on your left hand. 


Do You Wear Your Wedding Band On Top Or Bottom?

You’ll usually wear the wedding band on the bottom if you’re stacking it with another ring. This style is based on the idea of having the wedding band closer to the heart, ergo, at the bottom of the finger. 


Is It Bad To Propose With A Wedding Band?

It’s not wrong to propose with a wedding band. However, you’ll know your bride-to-be best, so you can decide whether you should give a separate engagement ring. 

Some people talk about their budget for the wedding, and if there are financial constraints, then it’s possible to use one ring for the wedding and proposal. Some brides are also minimalists in that they don’t require a separate ring for the engagement and wedding. 

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And that’s it! You’ve learned how to wear anniversary band with wedding set three ways. You can stack them on the left ring finger, put the anniversary band on a finger of your choice on the left hand, or wear the anniversary band on your right hand. 

There are no specific rules to follow. But of course, keep the overall look and general comfort in mind. 


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