How To Make A Wedding Intro: Formats And Examples

It’s easy to learn how to make a wedding intro as long as you know the basic order of format to create a wedding introduction. You can get this standard format below; then you can make it personal and creative according to the type of wedding. 

We’ll also give specific examples to introduce the newlyweds at the reception. And as for the bridal party members, you can refer to how to introduce a wedding party

how to make a wedding intro


Complete Guide On How To Make A Wedding Intro

The traditional intros for the bride and groom that you can give typically follow this format:

  • The parents of the bride will walk together first; if they are separated or widowed, they can be escorted by another person
  • The parents of the groom follow the bride’s parents; when introducing the parents of the couple, use their complete names and role (e.g., Mr. Adam Smith, father of the groom)
  • The wedding party follows the parents of the couple; you’ll call each person’s full name and role, whether they’re the maid of honor, bridesmaid, groomsmen, or best man
  • Everyone else will take their seats, and then the bride and groom can enter
  • The wedding MC will gather the attention of the guests and introduce the couple with their names
  • Finally, the newlyweds will enter, so make sure that the MC will set the energy for their arrival 
  • The MC will encourage the guests to clap and cheer for the newlyweds


Modifications to personalize wedding intros

  • After the parents of the newlyweds take their place, the wedding party can have a more fun way to get introduced
  • The MC will still introduce the names and roles of each wedding party member, but they can do a short dance before going to their seats
  • You can also commemorate your culture by including other traditions in the wedding intro 
  • Bigger weddings can also include other people in the introduction, especially if the guests want to honor some of the guests; this can mean having their grandparents and children get introduced as well 
  • If the couple chooses not to have a wedding party or they have a very intimate wedding, it’s okay to skip the wedding intro altogether and simply have the MC welcome the newlyweds


What To Say To Welcome Guests At A Wedding?

Making a wedding entrance is not only about introducing the wedding party and the newlyweds. The wedding MC will also welcome the guests and thank them for coming to set the tone for the reception.

Here are some examples you can have as a guide for writing your entrance script: 

  • Hello everyone! I’m [role to the wedding or relationship to the couple], and I’m so happy to welcome you all here on this beautiful day where we celebrate the union of [couple’s names.]
  • Good evening dearest friends and family! Are you ready to celebrate the marriage of [couple’s names]? The [wedding hosts] would like to welcome and thank you for being part of this fantastic occasion. 
  • The marriage ceremony is a way to celebrate the love and unity of people, regardless of culture or religion. Today, we will celebrate [names of the couple]’s commitment and love to each other. Let’s get started! 
  • Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to celebrate our newlyweds [names of the couple]. Our hosts would also like to extend their appreciation to everyone here. So without further ado, let’s now get the party started! 
  • Good evening everyone! [Names of the couple] are here celebrating their love with us, and they’re asking, are you all ready to get drunk and dance the night away? 

You can see many tones and formality when welcoming the guests at the reception. But of course, if you’re writing a wedding intro for the ceremony, it should be more formal.

The wedding officiant will welcome the guests at the wedding ceremony. If you know an officiant, they might also help you make traditional intros for the bride and groom. 

Here’s a guide on how to MC a wedding to help you prepare for public speaking and not just learn how to make a wedding intro


How Do You Introduce Wedding Speakers?

The wedding MC will introduce the speakers to help organize the time flow at the reception. It’s as simple as calling the speaker’s name and their role at the wedding or relationship with the couple. 

That being said, ask the wedding party or the couple themselves if you are scratching your head with pronouncing the names of some speakers. Make sure to prepare some cards to avoid getting mentally blocked with the order of the speakers to call. 


How Do You Introduce a Couple at a Wedding Reception?

Here are specific examples for introducing newlyweds at the wedding reception:


Simple introduction

It is my great honor to introduce to you [names of the couple]! Let us welcome the gorgeous newlyweds and give them your best applause!


Creative introduction

May I please have everyone’s attention? Let’s give it up for your [unique descriptions of the couple] who will be beginning the journey of a lifetime, Mr and Mrs. [names of the couple]



Was this guide helpful? You just learned the format on how to make a wedding intro where you start with the couple’s parents, wedding party, then the newlyweds. 

You can also make the intro as lively and creative as appropriate for the reception’s tone. And for those writing speeches, you can browse our blog for specific tips and formats. 

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