How To MC A Wedding: 3 Steps To Nail It

You can learn how to MC a wedding in three easy steps. This guide will teach you everything from preparation to the actual hosting of the wedding. 

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how to mc a wedding

If you don’t feel like hiring for these duties, it would be best to read how to nail these parts even as a first-timer. 


How To MC A Wedding: Helpful Tips For First-Timers


Step 1. Plan ahead

  • Be aware of the schedule and order of events
  • Make sure that you know how to keep each event in their designated time frame
  • Familiarize yourself with the event staff so you can be comfortable with each other; the MC and wedding staff should share their needs with each other for a smooth flow of the program
  • Prepare the announcements that you’ll communicate with the guests and how to present each announcement (e.g., some announcements are done on the mic onstage, some are mentioned by going table-to-table, some are said when greeting guests coming in the door)
  • Practice speaking at home, especially if it’s your first time hosting
  • Arrive at the reception early to check if everything is in place and if there are preparations that still need to be done
  • Test the equipment you’ll need, like the microphone, and if your announcements will be loud enough to be understood by the guests


Step 2. Announce the important information at the start and during the event

  • At the beginning of the reception, the MC is responsible for guiding the guests that will arrive at their table and giving a quick run-down of the expected flow of events
  • The MC will also introduce the bridal party, so make sure you know them well
  • After the newlyweds are announced, you can announce to the guests that they can sit down
  • Depending on what the couple planned for their reception, there will be speeches after eating
  • Make sure to be aware of everyone who’ll do a speech or toast and introduce them accordingly 
  • Other wedding traditions like the garter toss, bouquet toss, and dances can also be announced
  • Don’t feel pressured to sound witty during the announcements; the important thing is to make them understandable for the guests, and the planned timeline will be followed


Step 3. Set up the tone of the wedding

  • Besides the announcements to guide the guests and keep a smooth flow of the program, the MC also helps set up the tone of the event
  • Humor is always appreciated, but remember tact and sincerity so people will be more drawn to you
  • Do not panic if your mind suddenly comes up blank, which can happen due to nerves
  • Remember that you’ve planned this beforehand, and you only need to announce what guests need to do and what’s next for the program
  • Make sure that each person you’ll announce, especially those that will make a speech, are prepared
  • Communicate with the bride and groom before and throughout the reception to ensure that they are pleased with how the program is going 


What Does The MC Announce At A Wedding?

  • The arrival of the married couple
  • The commencement of the dinner
  • The speakers who will talk on stage
  • Who should participate in formal photos
  • Cutting of the cake
  • Wedding traditions and dances
  • When it’s time to say farewell to the newlyweds

Note that not all weddings are alike, so the MC’s announcements can always be modified. 


How Do I Introduce My Bridal Party As MC?

  1. Get the attention of the guests by lowering the music volume and opting for the entrance song
  2. Announce the arrival of the bridal party as follows: ushers, pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen, maid of honor and best man, newlyweds
  3. The first person or couple in the line will enter as the MC announces their name and role, pause for a few seconds, then the next couple can walk in
  4. The bridal party will proceed to the head table and stand behind their chairs
  5. Once the newlyweds are introduced, the introduction is over, and the MC can announce the dinner or start of the reception


Are parents announced at the wedding reception?

The parents don’t need to be announced at the wedding reception, but couples can honor them as part of the grand entrance. The order will have the groom’s parents before the bride’s parents. 


Who Should Be The MC At A Wedding?

  • Close to the bride and groom
  • Can be male or female
  • Can be the maid of honor or best man
  • Familiar with the guests
  • Is confident speaking and knows the timing of humor
  • Lively with a strong voice

Please familiarize yourself with the wedding traditions if you’re the MC. For example, do you know what is an anniversary dance at a wedding?



And that’s it! You just learned how to MC a wedding, which is as easy as preparation, announcements, and setting the event’s tone. 

The key roles you must have are being familiar with the schedule of events, the people you’re announcing, and ensuring that the guests are guided well. Prepare a note on your phone or piece of paper if you get mentally blocked. 


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