How To Introduce A Wedding Party: When And Orders

Those who want to know how to introduce a wedding party must understand the timing, order, and example scripts for the bridal party introduction at the wedding reception. We will also discuss the etiquette of introducing the wedding party, and if it’s necessary.

But besides knowing how to introduce your bridesmaids and groomsmen at the wedding reception, do you already know who to pick? Refer to how to choose the wedding party for more tips in selecting these roles for the wedding. 

how to introduce a wedding party


How To Introduce A Wedding Party At The Reception


When to introduce the wedding party

The wedding party is introduced at the wedding reception before everything starts. This is also a way to honor these important people in your life during your wedding and to familiarize the guests with their roles. 

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party will likely stay for a while at the venue to take portraits. Therefore, guests who don’t have a role will arrive earlier at the reception.

Then, the wedding MC or DJ will be notified of the wedding party’s arrival and introduce them. After that, the wedding party will take their seats, and then the newlyweds will be announced as they enter the reception. 


What order do you announce the wedding party?

The order of introducing the bridal party is another crucial aspect of the wedding reception introduction. The wedding MC or DJ should know each wedding party member’s order, names, and roles, so they’ll be prepared once they arrived. 

The wedding party should also line themselves by the reception entrance so they’ll be introduced in order. Again, this should be easy to arrange since the wedding party will enter the venue in the same order they walked down the aisle at the ceremony earlier. 

Here is the order to follow when introducing and arriving at the reception as the wedding party:

  1. Groom’s parents
  2. Bride’s parents
  3. Youngest members of the wedding party like the ring bearer, flower girl, or junior bridesmaids and groomsmen
  4. Bridesmaids and groomsmen in pairs
  5. Maid of honor and best man
  6. Newlyweds

Note that you can modify this order as you wish, especially if there are other roles in the wedding party. For example, your grandparents can be included and your escorts can also be introduced in place of the children who are likely tired at the wedding reception. 


How do I introduce my bridal party as MC?

If you’re the wedding MC at the reception, the introduction to the bridal party should not make you feel nervous. The key is knowing the name pronunciation of each wedding party member and their role. 

You can also practice the week before the wedding to feel more confident when you’re on stage. If you know the wedding DJ, you can rehearse with them to introduce them with musical accompaniment. 

Here are tips for nailing your wedding party introductions:

  • Collaborate with the couple regarding the order of the wedding party introduction and know if they have other requests such as the vibe or tone of how the wedding party is introduced
  • Discuss with the DJ the introduction music and the timing for each introduction 
  • Ask for the input of each wedding party member as needed


Sample wedding party introduction

Here are the components of a typical wedding party introduction. But of course, you can add or reduce the details as the couple or wedding party member requests. 

  • Name of the person
  • Relationship with the couple
  • Wedding party role
  • Short story or joke about the person
  • Fun moniker 

Read how to MC a wedding to know more tips on creating a stage presence and managing the wedding program. 


How Do You Introduce Bridesmaids And Groomsmen?

Introducing the bridesmaids and groomsmen is as easy as stating their name, role in the wedding party, and relationship to the couple. However, you can always make the wedding reception more lively with fun ways to introduce the wedding party.


Unique ways to introduce the wedding party at the reception

  • Dance number
  • Personality-based intro
  • Use props
  • Use specific music based on their occupation or relation to the couple
  • Use throwback photos
  • Give jokes


What Are Introductions At A Wedding?

The only mandatory wedding reception introduction is the newlyweds’ arrival. However, most weddings also introduce the wedding party to honor them, especially with everything they did for the wedding. 

The couple also usually introduces their parents at the reception to pay respects to them. However, you can always modify the script of the events accordingly. 

And at the ceremony, the people who’ll do the readings will also be introduced by the officiant.


Do You Have To Introduce The Bridal Party?

You don’t need to introduce the wedding party, but it is preferred since they play a significant role in the wedding. You don’t need to make it longer, and it can even be fun, like a dance-off, to keep the mood lively at the reception. 



And that’s it! To recap how to introduce a wedding party, it’s done before the reception, and the order is the same as how they walked down the aisle. 

Furthermore, you can make the introductions as simple or grand as possible. Make sure to practice the pronunciations and familiarize yourself with the roles of each person if you’re the wedding MC.

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