How To Make A Wedding Flower Crown In 2 Easy Steps

Those curious about how to make a wedding flower crown can easily make one in two steps. This easy wedding flower crown is suitable not just for boho weddings but to add charm to any outdoor and romantic wedding theme. 

We will also share tutorials to create a flower crown with faux flowers and one without a wire. And as for the flowers you’ll use, we recommend giving a quick read on how to pick wedding flowers


DIY Flower Crown Tutorial: How To Make A Wedding Flower Crown


Step 1. Prepare materials for the flower crown

  • You can select any flowers and greenery for your floral wedding crown; consider garden roses and ranunculus, to name a few, but anything that that isn’t too heavy or uncomfortable is excellent to make flower crowns
  • Prepare a florist wire, ideally the one already covered in moss, to easily create a DIY flower crown base, and also some extra florist wire and tape
  • Measure the moss florist wire around your head; it should fit securely but not too tight that it leaves a mark on your head
  • Cut the moss florist wire and twist its ends together 
  • Prepare the flowers and greenery of your choice; their stems should be about three inches short, so you can weave them into the wire later for the wedding flower crown


Step 2. Build the floral crown

  • Begin the DIY flower crown by taking the stem of a flower and wrapping it in the moss florist wire 
  • Cover with florist tape, but leave some excess tape so you can continue securing the following stems you’ll weave into the florist tape headband 
  • For the focal points of the flower crown, wear the unfinished crown first to determine where to put bigger floral arrangements; decide if you want a single one at the center of your head or two symmetrical arrangements side by side
  • Gather two to three flowers and greenery into a mini bouquet and add them to the moss florist tape
  • Continue the process; you don’t need to be perfect with the placements, especially with boho wedding flower crowns 
  • Once done, clip the stems that are hanging for a smoother look of the crown
  • Test the DIY floral crown if it needs reinforcement to finish 


What Materials Do I Need To Make A Flower Crown?

To make a wedding flower crown, you will, of course, need flowers and greenery. But then, if you’re also creating other wedding flower arrangements, save some of the tape and wire.

The “base” or headband can be made from a moss-covered florist wire or any sturdy wire with ends twisted together to form a hoop. To get the perfect fit, decide if you want the floral wedding crown at the top of your head, like a headband or a halo around your forehead. 

Make sure also to trim all the ends that might be pointing out. The crown shouldn’t accidentally poke or injure you. 

Here is who pays for wedding flowers if you’re also creating a wedding budget. 


How To Make A Rose Flower Crown?

A romantic wedding flower crown you can easily make is a rose DIY crown. Prepare garden roses that fit your wedding theme, additional flowers or fillers like baby’s breath, green skimmia or any foliage of your choice, florist wire, florist tape, straight wire, and scissors. 

  1. Wrap a piece of straight wire around your head to create the floral crown base
  2. Wrap greenery around the crown to hide the wire 
  3. Trim the floral stems so they won’t poke you when worn
  4. Insert a wire inside each rose stem and use this wire to attach the rose to your other flower or filler to make a bunch
  5. Wrap the wire ends and stems with florist tape for protection and safety 
  6. Tie additional flowers and decors of your choice into the wire crown base as needed to finish 


How Do You Make Fake Flower Crowns?

You can use silk flowers instead of fresh floral stems for DIY faux flower crowns. However, please choose quality fake flowers for your flower crown so it wouldn’t look tacky for the wedding.

  1. Wrap a piece of florist wire around your head to make the flower crown base and twist the ends together 
  2. Remove the silk flowers from their stems
  3. Position each flower where you want them on your wedding flower crown
  4. Use floral tape to attach and fill the gaps with smaller faux flowers and greenery
  5. After the wire is hidden completely, you can check the DIY flower crown’s durability and reinforce it with tape as needed


How To Make A Flower Crown With Real Flowers No Wire?

It’s possible to make a flower crown without wire by braiding the fresh flower stems together. Then, cut the stems at the same length and remove the foliage. 

Then braid the stems as if you’re braiding hair and continue adding. Make sure you’re slightly bending the stems to create a hoop. 

We recommend reinforcing the floral crown with wire afterward, especially if you want to wear it after the wedding.



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a wedding flower crown in two steps. 

Start preparing the materials, then create a base with wire wrapped around your head. Weave the floral stems into this headband to make the wedding flower crown, and you’re done!

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