What To Wear To A BBQ Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

If you want to know what to wear to a BBQ wedding, please understand the dress code for the guest’s wedding attire. We’ll provide outfits for male and female guests, so you’ll know what to wear based on your closet or if you need to buy some outfits. 

The advantage of a BBQ wedding is it’s not very formal and it’s an outdoor event. However, please still check the wedding dress code as the couple might still want a formal dress code. 

For more outfits that you can try for a wedding BBQ, read what to wear to a backyard wedding.  


What To Wear To A BBQ Wedding: Wedding Attire Outfit Ideas 

Before anything else, please check the wedding dress code for the BBQ wedding. Every couple is different, and they might still want a formal or even black tie wedding guest attire


What is the backyard wedding attire dress code for a BBQ wedding?

A BBQ wedding usually has a dressy casual dress code for their backyard wedding attire. This means that you don’t need to wear a tuxedo or a long gown, but you still want to exert effort and taste with your outfit. 

As a backyard wedding guest, you must select clothing that would also be comfortable for the outdoor setting. However, remember that even if you saw the “casual”, you should still apply some formality, class, and modesty to the wedding guest dresses and outfits you’ll consider. 


Ideas on what to wear for a BBQ wedding

Here are some outfits to try when attending a wedding BBQ. We also recommend that you continue reading below about the BBQ wedding etiquette and avoid potentially disrespectful or tacky clothes as a wedding guest. 

For female wedding guests, consider these outfits, whichever fits the theme, season, and time of the BBQ wedding:

  • Midi or over-knee dress
  • Jumpsuit
  • Blouse and skirt
  • Blouse and trousers
  • Dressy flats
  • Kitten heels
  • Business sandals

For male wedding guests, you don’t need to wear a tuxedo. You can also lose the tie with your suit or opt for lighter colors on your jacket, especially if the BBQ wedding is in the morning or afternoon. 

  • Button-down shirt and slacks
  • A suit without a tie
  • Sportscoat or jacket
  • Dark blue or black jeans
  • Leather boots
  • Dressy sneakers
  • Oxfords


What Is The Dress Code Etiquette For A BBQ Wedding?

You can apply the etiquette for the wedding attire in a BBQ wedding. Even though this wedding is not as formal, you should still dress appropriately and choose clothes that might seem disrespectful to wear as a wedding guest. 

  • Floor-length clothing is unnecessary but you still don’t want to wear shorts, a very short skirt, or a high slit dress to a BBQ wedding
  • Sleeveless dresses and blouses that are still somewhat modest and classy are okay; if you think the neckline is too low or the back is too deep, wear a cardigan or jacket for added coverage
  • Avoid casual clothes like t-shirts, ripped denim, workout clothes, or outfits you’d wear to a mall
  • Dressy sneakers are okay
  • Heels are okay, but there are flats that suit the dressy casual dress code
  • Opt for florals, pastels, neutrals, or light colors on what to wear, depending on the time of the wedding BBQ
  • Do not wear white unless the wedding theme requests it; white is traditionally reserved for the bride
  • Avoid eye-catching colors and prints as it would seem like you’re trying to upstage the bride and groom
  • Be familiar with the religion and culture of the couple to know what colors should you not wear to a wedding
  • Consider comfort with what you’re wearing; it shouldn’t put you at risk of flashing others, slipping on the dress hem, or getting bruises on your shoes 


What Do You Wear To An Evening BBQ Wedding?

If the wedding you’re attending is an evening BBQ, the outfits you must wear might be slightly different than the wedding attire for a morning or afternoon BBQ wedding. Regardless, you should still check the wedding invitation to be sure of what to wear. 

An evening BBQ wedding may be more formal, so you can consider dark outfits for your wedding attire. Women can also wear solid-colored midi and maxi dresses while men can opt for a navy blue or gray suit for something classy without looking overdressed. 

You can still follow the dressy casual attire expected in a wedding BBQ, but it’s important to balance class without stealing the spotlight from the couple. You can also consider a less dressy cocktail attire to suit the evening BBQ wedding. 


What Is Casual For An Outdoor BBQ Wedding?

You might attend a BBQ wedding where the dress code indicated is casual. Therefore, you can consider a short A-line dress or a sportcoat, so you won’t stand out at the wedding. 

You can think of toned-down business attire or consider what you’ll wear to a nice date. And when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask other wedding guests what they’ll wear. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a BBQ wedding, it’s usually dressy casual attire. 

This means you don’t need tuxedos and evening gowns, but you should exert class and modesty with the clothes you’ll wear. Try a midi dress or jumpsuit for women or a sportscoat or a suit without a tie for men. 

Let us know below what other wedding guest attire you want to read about. 

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