What Is 19 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The answer to what is 19 year wedding anniversary gift is bronze. We will talk about the symbolism behind bronze and provide anniversary gifts you can give your husband or wife. 

We’ll also share alternative gift ideas you can try to celebrate your 19 years of marriage. And for next year, read what to give your husband for your 20th wedding anniversary

what is 19 year wedding anniversary gift


What Is 19 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift: Anniversary Gift Ideas 


What is the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift?

The anniversary gift for the 19-year wedding anniversary is bronze. It is also the traditional gift for this marriage milestone, so you can create gift ideas made of bronze to give to your partner. 

From a symbolic perspective, bronze is the perfect present for 19 years of marriage as it represents support and stability. A couple who has been married for almost two decades proves that their relationship is strong. 

Consistent support is also needed to nourish and maintain any long-term relationship. And best of all, bronze wedding anniversary gifts are not only sentimental, but they’re also practical thanks to their durability. 


What is the modern 19-year anniversary gift?

Compared to other kinds of wedding anniversaries, the modern wedding anniversary gift for 19 years of marriage is the traditional bronze gift. Therefore, there are no modern wedding anniversary gifts for the 19th wedding anniversary since bronze represents both the modern and traditional presents. 

Bronze as a gift is not only symbolic of a long-term and lasting marriage. It is also believed to motivate passion, improve self-confidence, alleviate stress, and clean a person’s being. 

Therefore, it can be interpreted as an even sweeter gesture since you’re giving your partner something that can improve their well-being. And for specific things on what to provide for the 19th wedding anniversary, try these gifts: 


Bronze gift ideas

  • Bronze jewelry
  • Bronze sculpture
  • Bronze cookware
  • Bronze goblets
  • Bronze grill
  • Bronze bottle opener
  • Bronze corkscrew
  • Bronze compass
  • Bronze cufflinks
  • Personalized bronze keychain
  • Bronze-colored shoes


What Stone Is 19 Years Of Marriage?

The stone that symbolizes the 19th wedding anniversary is aquamarine. It represents calmness, which is an essential trait for a lasting marriage. 

Aquamarine also represents hope and happiness, making it a perfect gift to give to a couple who’s been married for more than a decade. And best of all, aquamarine is an affordable gemstone, so it’s a good purchase for everyone. 


What Is The Flower For The 19th Wedding Anniversary?

The flower that represents 19 years of marriage is the chrysanthemum. It symbolizes fidelity, happiness, and optimism, which makes it not surprising why it’s popular, especially in fall

You can give your spouse a bouquet of chrysanthemums and mention its symbolism. Don’t forget to include a letter or card with words from the heart. 


What Is The Color For The 19th Wedding Anniversary?

Like its traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts, the 19th wedding anniversary’s color is bronze. You can use this as the theme for your party if you’re celebrating the anniversary with friends and family. 

As for the bronze color’s meaning, it is associated with maturity and security since it’s the color is seen in nature. Therefore, bronze-colored wedding anniversary gifts are also appreciated to celebrate the marriage milestone. 


Alternative anniversary gifts for 19 years of marriage

Besides bronze, be inspired by the stone, flower, and color of the 19th wedding anniversary. Of course, you should also select a thoughtful gift, even if it’s not related to the symbols. 

  • Aquamarine jewelry
  • Aquamarine decor
  • Aquamarine-colored item
  • Chrysanthemum floral arrangement
  • Chrysanthemum print
  • Bronze-colored item 
  • A date for two 
  • A spa treatment for two
  • Weekend getaway
  • Surprise wedding anniversary party
  • Vow renewal
  • A trip down memory lane


What Is 19 Years Of Marriage Called?

Besides knowing the gifts you can give to your partner for your 19th wedding anniversary, understand that this milestone is called the bronze wedding anniversary. 

It’s a wedding anniversary worth celebrating, even if it’s not considered a significant wedding anniversary. Most weddings nowadays only last for under eight years, so lasting for almost two decades is impressive and remarkable. 

The 19th anniversary is even considered among the most difficult years of marriage. Therefore, take the time to reaffirm your love for each other and do something special to commemorate your wedding anniversary. 


What Do I Get My Husband For Our 19th Wedding Anniversary?

You can get your husband some bronze wedding anniversary gifts to follow the symbolism of this marriage milestone. Consider the gift ideas below, or think of things and activities that you think he’ll especially appreciate.

  • Customized bronze guitar pick
  • Bronze-colored tumbler
  • Bronze-colored whiskey decanter set
  • Customized bronze sculpture
  • Bronze men’s watch
  • Bronze-inspired cologne

You can also read where to go for a wedding anniversary if you prefer to travel with your husband to celebrate 19 years of marriage. Create an itinerary together, or return to where you had your honeymoon. 

Some couples also do vow renewals to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Being married for 19 years is a good time to reaffirm each other. 



Was this article helpful? To recap what is 19 year wedding anniversary gift, bronze is both the traditional and modern 19th wedding anniversary gift. 

You can give your spouse an item made of bronze or something of the same color. Aquamarine and chrysanthemum are also the gem and the flower that symbolize 19 years of marriage if you want alternative gifts. 

We hope this gave you ideas; feel free to browse our blog for more anniversary gift ideas. 

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