How To Keep Wedding Rings Together: 3 Best Ways

You can learn how to keep wedding rings together in three ways. This article will also share tips on rings that keep spinning and slipping to prevent them from getting lost. 

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How Do You Keep Your Wedding Rings Together?


Connect them

The most straightforward and cheapest way to keep your wedding rings together is to tie them. Use a piece of string to tie the rings together.

The secured stacked rings are less likely to slip, and they will also look better on the finger since they’ll always be against each other. The key is finding a string that won’t hurt your skin and, ideally, the same shade as the rings, so it’s less noticeable. 

Then, cut the excess string after a knot to tie the rings. You can make another tie to secure the rings further, but make sure to turn these makeshift connectors, so the knotted part is facing out and away from the skin for comfort.


Adjust them

It will be hard to keep wedding rings together if they don’t fit properly, so consider reading how a wedding ring should fit and know what to expect. Even if only one of the rings is too loose, it will be frustrating as it will move around. 

 An easy fix for this issue is to buy plastic adjusters. You can buy these relatively cheap accessories even online to resize the ring. 

You only need to add the spiral adjuster on the ring itself so there will be no gap that could lead to it moving around. A helpful tip is to fit the adjuster on both wedding bands to be locked and secured together when worn. 


Solder them

Soldering is a more permanent solution to ensure that the wedding rings will always be together. But because this is permanent, you have to really think it through. 

Most people consider their wedding rings an heirloom, where they want to pass down the ring to their child eventually. If the wedding rings are soldered, you can’t select the specific ring. 

Furthermore, it’s pretty pricey to get rings soldered. If you’re not ready for this commitment, refer to the two previous solutions instead. 


How Do You Keep A Stacked Ring From Spinning?


  • DIY bands

You can stop your stacked ring from spinning by ensuring that it will fit snugly around the finger. Some quick DIY fixes you can do at home include wrapping a surgical tape or even plaster inside the wedding bands. 


  • Ring adjusters and bumps

You can also buy ring adjusters as there are many types available. Some are plastic springs that you can install at home, while there are also ring bumps, which can be soldered inside the ring’s shank to grip your finger. 


  • Ring guards

Stacked rings can also be secured together with tubes called ring guards that you’ll insert throughout the ring. What’s advantageous with ring guards is they come in different sizes, so it’s possible to adjust the ring up to three sizes down. 


  • Extra base material

Finally, your stacked rings might be spinning because the stone is too heavy. For this instance, the jeweler will add extra metal to the ring base to counterbalance the stone’s weight. 


Why do my stacked rings spin?

  • The stacked rings are too big for your finger
  • The stone is too heavy, so the ring spins downward
  • Incompatible ring size for your hand type (e.g., knuckle being bigger than finger)


Can You Super Glue Wedding Rings Together?

It’s possible to use super glue to keep wedding rings together, but remember that these are important rings, and glue is never attractive. Some forums even mentioned that glue is temporary, which means if you’re looking at a quick fix, then why not get a non-tacky solution such as ring adjusters on both rings?

Super glue will work on sterling silver rings, but moisture is needed for them to adhere well for other rings. A better alternative is an actual jewelry glue because it is formulated for jewelry materials without being affected by impact and water in the long run for a more extended solution. 


Should I Get My Wedding Rings Soldered Together?

You have many questions to ask yourself if you want to solder your wedding rings together. Remember that this will permanently have them together, so it will be impossible if you’ll eventually want to wear only one or distribute the rings on different fingers. 


Does Soldering Rings Decrease Value?

There is no direct effect on the value of the rings when you solder them. However, you no longer can pass them down as separate heirlooms, especially if one is rarer or more expensive than the other. 



And that’s it! You’ve learned how to keep wedding rings together by tying them up, resizing them with adjusters, or even soldering the rings. 

Choosing among these fixes depends on you, especially with the permanent one by soldering. For example, it can be annoying if the stacked rings always slip, but getting the right size, to begin with, should prevent this. 


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