How To Keep Wedding Ring From Spinning: 5 Best Hacks

If you want to know how to keep wedding ring from spinning, consider five easy hacks. It can be frustrating to wear a ring that constantly moves, so it’s always helpful to learn some tricks to solve this issue. 

However, we also recommend that you read more on how should a wedding ring fit to avoid this problem in the first place. After all, the wedding ring is always worn, so it should feel comfortable on your finger. 

how to keep wedding ring from spinning


How Do I Keep My Wedding Ring From Spinning?


Stack another ring on top

The quickest way to keep your wedding ring from spinning is to wear another one on top of it. For example, you can have your engagement ring stacked on top of the wedding ring to prevent the latter from moving. 

This solution also follows the notion of wearing the wedding ring first before other rings to be closer to the heart. The combination of the two rings is even stylish, especially if you have a narrow wedding band. 

However, there’s a consideration when stacking rings. Sometimes, the engagement ring or the wedding ring itself is already sizable, and the combination will look too bulky and uncomfortable for one finger. 


Tighten the ring with tape

Another quick home solution for a spinning wedding ring that wouldn’t require you to buy anything is to add tape on the band. Roll a piece of tape tightly until you have a cylinder and stick it inside the wedding ring at the hidden portion underneath the hand. 

This will fill the gap between the ring and the finger that causes the former to spin. However, this is only a quick and temporary solution because the tape can easily slip out once it loses its adhesiveness. 

A more permanent solution is to buy a ring guard. The concept would be similar to tape since you’re tightening the spinning wedding ring. 


Add a ring guard

Ring guards are transparent and cheap spring-like plastic pieces that can get the wedding ring up to three sizes down. You only need to wrap the band with the ring guard to be tighter and stay in place much more effectively. 

Ring guards are not noticeable anyway, and you can quickly get various types in thickness according to the size of your wedding ring. Furthermore, it shouldn’t scratch the wedding band, so it’s safe for extended use. 


Modify the wedding ring shank

If you find the ring guard unattractive, you can consider getting your wedding ring modified. For example, the jewelry studio can offer a hinged shank, which means you can open and close the base of the ring via the hinge. 

You don’t need to slide the ring over the knuckle as usual, but instead, position the opened shank at the base of the ring finger, then close it. This option is the best if your wedding ring spins from having your knuckle bigger than your finger or if you have arthritis that caused swelling. 


Resize the wedding ring

The final solution to keep the wedding ring from spinning is to have it resized. This is quite expensive compared to the other fixes, but it’s probably worth it since you’ll wear the ring daily. 

You can also consider resizing the wedding ring when you upgrade it after several years. This way, you can get the perfect size for your finger since many factors can affect how the ring fits as the years’ pass. 


Why Does My Wedding Ring Keep Turning?


Wrong ring size

Your wedding ring will inevitably spin if it’s too big for your finger. It should comfortably go over the knuckle when you’ll put it on or take it off, but it shouldn’t slip easily. 

Your ring size is too big if the ring falls out when you have your hand down by your side. Consider getting one to two sizes down to ensure that it won’t turn. 


Knuckles larger than the fingers

Some people have a hand shape where their fingers are thinner than their large knuckles. Therefore, you might find that the wedding ring comfortably fits the knuckle, but it will spin since it’s too big for the finger. 


The ring base is too small

Wedding rings can get heavier on one side because of the stone. If the base is not thick or wide enough, gravity causes the heavier end to move and spin. 

For this issue, the jewelry studio will design a wider base on the ring to compensate for the weight of the stone on the top. 


Inflammed or swelling on the ringers

Many reasons can cause the fingers to swell. Some are related to arthritis, while others are from the season. 

For example, the blood flow can cause the finger to be bigger during summer but smaller in winter. And once your finger returns to its actual size, then the ring will be too loose and can spin. 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can consider learning how to make a wedding ring so that you can have a specific size for these instances. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to keep wedding ring from spinning ranging from stacking another ring on top, using tape, ring guard, or getting the ring hinged and resized. 

Ultimately, please double-check your ring size to avoid this issue from occurring. Otherwise, the ring can get annoying or uncomfortable if it’s too tight or too loose. 

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