How To Keep Sofa From Sliding? 3 Simple Solutions

If you must know how to keep sofa from sliding, we have discovered three valuable solutions. You can do them all or select one first. Did you know that keeping the floor free of dust, using a carpet, or placing blocks behind the furniture legs are simple but effective to help the sofa stay put?

We will also discuss how to keep the sofa from slipping if your floor uses tiles. Speaking of slipping, you might be interested in reading this guide on keeping cushions from slipping on the leather sofa. Give it a quick read, and you might discover some valuable hacks in the future. 


How Do I Keep My Sofa From Sliding?


Step 1. Clean the floors 

One of the reasons your sofa tends to slide and move around the area is dirty floors. Besides cleaning your furniture regularly, please do not neglect the maintenance of its surrounding area. The floors tend to accumulate dirt and spills, which can affect the grip of the couch in its space. 

Clean the flooring according to its type, whether by vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping weekly or monthly, depending on how you use the room. By doing so, you will also help maintain the effectiveness of your remedies for sliding sofas, such as grippers and furniture stoppers. They will hold their adhesiveness and will last long before getting worn down and becoming ineffective. 


Step 2. Place a rug underneath the sofa

After cleaning the floor, you can secure the couch in place further by adding a rug or carpet underneath it. It’s a solution not only for slippery furniture, but it’s also a quick hack to enhance the look of the room and sofa. But what rug or carpet should you use?

The size of the rug depends on the dimensions of the couch because you also want to protect the flooring from the scuffing of the sofa legs. You want something large enough to stay underneath the sofa when you sit down on the furniture. The style will depend on the room and existing decor, but be sure to purchase a rug or carpet with a non-slip bottom for added reinforcement. 


Step 3. Place wooden blocks behind the sofa legs

The final solution that you can do to prevent the sofa from sliding is by using stop blocks. You can purchase them in stores, but you can also make them yourself by cutting a wooden block. You will put a block behind each couch leg or between the wall and the furniture. 

Having stoppers will prevent the sofa from sliding backward every time you sit on it. You can even cut the block with some side wings for protection against sliding sideways. However, it will still be best to have something underneath the sofa to protect the flooring from scratches. 

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How To Stop Sofa From Sliding On Tile Floor

A guaranteed method to keep the sofa from sliding on the tile floor is with a carpet. But if your carpet is still unstable on the slippery tile floor, you can either use rubber pads or furniture grippers made of rubber or silicone. 


Rubber pads

Rubber pads are cheap solutions that are also easy to find in home improvement stores. Please select the right size and shape for your sofa and install it underneath. You can even cut the rubber mat according to the size of each sofa leg’s underside. 


Furniture grippers

If rubber pads are still ineffective, the next solution to keep the sofa from sliding on the tile floor is furniture grippers. You can customize them according to your couch, and there are also different textures to choose from. Select those with heavy-duty adhesive and the right size for your sofa legs. 


How To Stop Couch From Hitting Wall

Some sofas are prone to moving back onto the wall each time someone sits on them. A quick solution is measuring the distance between the wall and sofa and filling it with a wooden block, or more accurately, a wooden strip. Place a long wooden strip between the sofa’s rear legs to provide support while still looking subtle. 

Did you know that there are also so-called console tables, which are tables you put behind the sofa? They can act as a division to keep the couch from hitting the wall. And best of all, you can decorate the sofa table behind the sofa for functionality and aesthetics. 


How Do I Stop My Sofa From Sliding On Carpet?

The sofa should not slide on the carpet if you add grips underneath its legs. You can also use a pad underneath the carpet itself if its backside has no traction. Ensure that the floor underneath the carpet is always clean so the gripping pad can do its job effectively. 



It can be frustrating if the sofa keeps slipping and you also risk scratching your flooring. To recap this guide on how to keep sofa from sliding, you have three solutions. You can do them all or try one at a time and see if it’s enough. 

First, clean the floor, then you can choose if a carpet or adding blocks behind the sofa legs will suffice. For most floor types such as tiles, using rubber pads and furniture grippers should also be effective. Let us know which of these solutions have you tried. 

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