How To Stop Sofa From Sliding On Wood Floor? 3 Ways

Those who want to know how to stop sofa from sliding on wood floor have three options to choose from. You can consider them into a step-by-step guide, but you can also think of them as options. First, clean the hardwood floors, and then you can either opt for grippers or caster cups. 

This article will also share some hacks to protect your hardwood floor from furniture scratches. And for a more general guide, try reading this article on how to keep the sofa from sliding.

How To Stop Sofa From Sliding On Wood Floor


How Do I Stop My Couch From Sliding On Wood Floors?


Step 1. Clean the floors and check the sofa legs

Your sofa is prone to sliding on the hardwood flooring if the latter is dirty. There are many ways to keep the hardwood floor cleaner to ensure no dust build-up can affect the traction that floor pads and grippers provide. Furthermore, remember that the accumulation of grit or even fur can wear down these solutions quicker.

Before purchasing grippers, pads, or caster cups, please check the sofa legs as well. Broken sofa legs can cause the furniture to lose its stability. You also risk scratching the wooden flooring, so be sure to remove the sofa legs and replace them with the right type if they are worn down. 


Step 2. Add grippers on the sofa feet

Rubber grippers work on wooden floors as long as the latter is free of dust and fur. You don’t even need to buy special sizes for your sofa feet because you can save more by cutting large rubber gasket sheets. Then, measure the backside of the couch feet and cut the grippers accordingly. 

For additional reinforcement, add some glue or double-sided tape on each sofa leg before putting it over the grippers. Make sure that the sofa feet are also free of any debris or moisture. Then, have someone assist you in tipping the couch to align the grippers to the feet perfectly. 


Step 3. Place caster cups on sofa legs

An alternative to rubber grippers is caster cups on sofa legs. They are handy not just for slipping sofa on hardwood flooring, but also to protect the latter from furniture scratches. What makes caster cups even better is they should work well against different types of wooden flooring, including hardwood. 

You will place a casper cup for every sofa leg to help against friction. These cups use high-quality rubber to support the weight when you sit on the couch. You can even find the right size and shape to accommodate sofas with wheels. 


What Do You Put On The Bottom Of Furniture With Hardwood Floors?


Furniture pads

Furniture pads come in different materials, but the best type you can place underneath the furniture with hardwood floors is felt. It’s gentle enough to move across the floor, even if it’s made of a softer wood such as pine that is prone to get damaged quickly. Find the right pad size for your couch to accommodate its bottom perfectly. 

However, remember to check how the pad attaches to the sofa. You want something heavy-duty, but not with a sticky adhesive that is ineffective and leaves residues on the hardwood floor. It’s much better to use a furniture pad that you screw to the bottom of the sofa and then replace it yearly to ensure its effectiveness without the risk of gouging the floor. 


Rugs and carpets

Besides furniture pads, you can also place a rug or carpet underneath the sofa to stabilize it and protect the hardwood from getting scuffed. Natural materials like cotton and wool make perfect rugs for hardwood floors. However, be careful with rugs that have rubber backsides because they can leave markings on the wood. 

Prepare the flooring beforehand or wait for two weeks before adding the rug to the hardwood floor if it’s newly installed. Then, secure the rug or carpet on the wood floor with some carpet tape. Place it all around the rug or carpet before positioning it on your intended area for the sofa. 


Will Heavy Furniture Dent Wood Floors?

Do not be scared to have heavy furniture like sofas over wooden floors because wood materials nowadays are meant to withstand wear and tear. Opt for hardwood flooring that is more durable than common softwood flooring like pine. Furthermore, use pads underneath the furniture legs as additional protection against abrasion if the sofa slides around. 

You can avoid denting on the wooden floors by using rugs and furniture pads. However, it will be more advantageous if you maintain the hardwood floor well. Avoid rolling furniture over it and clean it regularly to help it retain its strength. Vacuum the wood floors weekly and refinish them every four years to address potential damages. 



Do not be worried about having furniture on your wooden floor. This article discussed how to stop the sofa from sliding on the wood floor to protect your flooring and ensure that everything is in place. To recap, you must clean and maintain the wood floor and opt for grippers or caster cups on the couch feet. 

You can also use a carpet or rug underneath the sofa for added traction. But what if the cushions are the ones sliding? Read this tutorial on how to keep sofa cushions in place for helpful hacks. 


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