How To Keep Sectional Sofa Together: 3 Sure Ways

You have three options to understand how to keep sectional sofa together fuss-free. This article will teach you cheap yet effective solutions to ensure that the sectional sofa stays together. It includes how you must check the hardware it uses, cable ties, and even connectors available in most hardware stores. 

We will also go through a step-by-step guide for installing connectors DIY style. And if you want to know how to connect sectional sofa, check our separate guide for another stress-free tutorial. 

How To Keep Sectional Sofa Together


How To Hold A Sectional Sofa Together


Check the installation

Your sectional sofa might keep sliding out of place because the hardware connecting the pieces are not properly installed. Always check the male and female brackets if they are correctly fitted to each other. If you don’t know how to identify these hardware types, the protruding is the male bracket, and it should be inserted onto the female side to lock the sectional sofa pieces together. 

You can find these metal brackets underneath each sofa section, and they should be aligned when you place the individual sections side by side. The male bracket typically is on the right side or vice versa. You only need to lift and lower it onto the female side to lock the sectional sofa in place. 


Use store-bought connectors

If your sectional sofa has missing pieces or you don’t have standard sectional couch connectors ready, you can visit your local hardware store for gate hook and eyes or even latches. These hardware pieces should also hold a sectional couch successfully when used correctly. A gate hook with spring and lock will secure the sectional sofa as securely as specialty sofa connectors. 

You can install the gate hook and eyes under the sofa, whether in the middle or even at the front and back. If you can’t find these connectors, a slide-bolt latch on the bottom of the sofa should also be effective for keeping a sectional sofa from sliding. We have written an article on how to take apart a sectional sofa to help you understand the mechanism of this furniture, so you can select which connectors will work well for your model.


Use plastic cable ties

It’s also possible to secure a sectional sofa together with plastic cable ties. They make a cheap yet effective solution for people who are not familiar with hardware installation. You only need to place the ties to each section pair’s front and back feet to keep them from sliding off. 

A helpful tip to still get a neat look is to use black cable ties if your sectional sofa is a dark color. You can also slide the connector part of the ties toward the back of the leg to hide it well. Then, don’t forget to cut the excess tail that might protrude after you tightened the tie. 


How Do I Keep My Sectional Couch From Sliding?

If your sectional sofa keeps sliding, you can secure the pieces with store-bought connectors. Here is how to install sectional couch brackets at home:

  1. Determine the number of brackets you’ll need to connect each joint of the sectional sofa
  2. Flip each section to help you access their bottom and gauge where you will place the connectors on their frame
  3. Drill the holes for the screws, but be mindful not to crack the sofa material 
  4. Insert the screw through the bracket to install it on the sofa frame
  5. Tighten the screw and connect the pieces of the sofa accordingly

How Do You Join An L Shaped Couch?

There are different types of sectional sofas, but the L-shaped configuration is a favorite among homeowners because they work well in room corners. Here are some ways on how you can connect and keep an L-shaped sofa together:

  • Tip each furniture section to help you secure the band of one leg onto the next piece
  • If your couch doesn’t have these parts, you can use any piece of elastic around the legs
  • You can also connect the sections using a bolt that will go through the bottom edges of a pair
  • Using a plate with special hardware is another effortless way to join the sections of an L-shaped couch 
  • C-clamps can secure an L-shaped sofa together

How Can I Make My Sectional Sofa Look Better?

It’s not enough that you know how to keep a sectional couch together. There are also various styling secrets that you can apply to your sectional to make it look even better. They include the use of tables and accessories like pillows, throws, and rugs. 

  • Decorating a sofa table behind the couch can make use of the excess space at the back
  • Place a coffee table in the angle created by the sectional sofa to make it look balanced
  • Arrange pillows symmetrically on the sectional sofa to add textures and colors
  • Put a throw on the couch to make it look cozier
  • Place a rug underneath the front portion of the sectional sofa to help it mix with the room


It can be frustrating if your couch pieces keep sliding off. To recap this guide on how to keep sectional sofa together, you need to check the connections if they are properly installed. Then, you can decide if you must install store-bought hardware or secure the legs with cable ties. 

It should be easy to use store-bought hardware because they are straightforward to install. But if you truly don’t want to use tools, then cable ties should be as effective.