How To Decorate A Sofa Table Behind A Couch

You can quickly understand how to decorate a sofa table behind a couch by remembering two styles. Consider the symmetry of the items or make the sofa table useful not just for aesthetics. We will also give you several great ideas of what items you can use to decorate a sofa table. 

More than making the couch comfortable by fixing its cushion, you can enhance the space it occupies with a table behind it. We are more familiar with placing the table in front, but nowadays, it’s also common to see the table behind a sofa. Here is the style trend we are talking about: 

How To Decorate A Sofa Table Behind A Couch


2 Best Behind Sofa Table Style Ideas


Symmetrical vs asymmetrical style

Decide if you want to decorate the sofa table behind the couch asymmetrically or symmetrically. The safest style is by decorating the sofa table symmetrically because everyone can do it. You only need to place an equal number of items on both sides of the table. 

To give you an idea, place a lamp on each side and then an array of books in the middle. However, you don’t need to follow this symmetrical balance in interior design because asymmetrical sofa tables are also aesthetically pleasing for other settings. You can place one item on one side and two on the other. 


Make it useful

The behind sofa table is not only there to enhance the decors of the room. You can also utilize it for convenience by placing the items you commonly need within reach of the sofa over this table. The sofa table can even become decorative and functional at once. 

For example, you can use this table behind the couch as a room separator. Those with a small area can add more depth to space by adding the sofa table to divide the living room from the kitchen. Some sofa tables are also meant to be taller than the sofa itself, and you can use them as a bar with chairs on the other side. 


What Do You Put On A Sofa Table?


Lamps and candles

The most common item to put on the table behind a sofa is a lamp or candle. Depending on their style and light, they can change the mood of the room. Their positioning will also affect the atmosphere of the couch, especially if you add a diffuser. 



Indoor plants will always be trendy for room decors. A sofa table is an excellent place for plants to add some life to your indoor space. A bigger plant will become the focal point, while multiple small plants can enhance the look of other decors. 



Be mindful of placing ornaments on the sofa table to keep it from looking cluttered. Select a few pieces that match the living room, such as a small figurine, clock, or even a couple of picture frames. Stack some ornaments to create a variety. 



The sofa table is not only for holding decorations. Use it to keep your favorite books or even some DVDs. You can also place the remote on the sofa table for easier access. 



The table behind the couch’s surface can also become a makeshift bar. Those who have the couch in the center of the room and the sofa table not pushed against the wall have enough space for chairs on the latter’s other side. Just be mindful of the chair sizes and numbers to avoid making the room look too crowded. 


Should I Put A Table Behind My Couch?

Placing a table behind the couch is both practical and decorative. However, you don’t need to have this addition if you don’t have space for it or it will look too overwhelming. Nonetheless, here are some creative ideas for your sofa table. 


For convenience

Placing a table behind the couch will be helpful to make the space look organized and improve the convenience of those in the living room. You can place items like the remote or books on the table for easier access, and they wouldn’t look cluttered on the couch. You can also set a diffuser or a lamp on the sofa table, and they can easily blend into the living room. 


For open floor plans

Another reason why you should have a table behind the sofa is to create a more intimate living room. You don’t always need to have the sofa table flush against the wall. Use the table as a divider of the room where the couch is at the center of your open floor plan apartment


What Is The Table That Goes Behind A Couch Called?

Some room styling ideas include having a table behind the sofa. This is called a sofa table, but it’s also interchangeable with a console table and hall table. Sofa tables come in different sizes and heights, but they are commonly at level with the couch. 



Do you have your sofa’s back? What we mean is, do you know how to decorate a sofa table behind a couch? You can play with symmetry or utilize the sofa table for holding decors or as a divider. 

Some everyday items to use on the sofa or console table include lamps, candles, books, plants, ornaments, and organizers. You can even place a couple of chairs beside it if it’s not flush against the wall. While having a sofa table is not mandatory when you own a sofa, it can be both aesthetically pleasing and valuable.