What Is A Best Woman In A Wedding: Roles And More

If you’re interested to know what is a best woman in a wedding, it is the best man’s female equivalent. We will describe the best woman’s two main roles to help you further understand what she does at a wedding. 

But what if the groom is going the traditional route and his attendant won’t be a woman? You can also read what does the best man do at a wedding for comparison. 

what is a best woman in a wedding


What Is A Best Woman In A Wedding And What Does She Do?

The best woman is the girl version of the best man at weddings. She is the female equivalent of the groom’s best man or closest person at his wedding party. 

Like the best man, the best woman is also the equivalent of the maid of honor or man of honor at the bridal party. And if you have a gender-neutral person for this position, you can refer to them as an honor attendant


Pre-wedding event planner

There are many marriage events and celebrations before the wedding. Since the best woman is the female version of the best man, she’ll be in charge of planning and coordinating the pre-wedding festivities for the groom. 

These parties include the bachelor’s party and wedding showers, or you can also read what parties do you have before a wedding. You will lead the groomsmen and plan all the necessities for these events. 

If the couple is having combined celebrations, then the best woman can also plan with the maid of honor. And, of course, you’ll help with the pre-wedding preparations, such as the groomsmen’s attire. 


Honor attendant

Since the best woman is essentially a female best man, her role is to be the right-hand girl of the groom before, during, and after the wedding. As a female best attendant, you will ensure that the groom will feel his best and has all his needs to prepare for the marriage. 

Before the wedding, for example, you can act as the groom’s confidant and coordinate with the wedding vendors, such as the tailor for his suit. He might also talk to you to alleviate his nervousness before the ceremony. 

At the ceremony itself, the best woman will stand by the groom’s side as the maid of honor stands by the bride’s side. And at the wedding reception, you can help the groom by bringing his change of clothes or other items he may need to transition from the ceremony to the reception. 


What Is The Role Of The Best Woman In A Wedding?

The female best man or best woman is essentially the groom’s confidant and right-hand woman. However, she can also help with the bridal needs or work together with the maid of honor. 

There are many responsibilities and tasks at weddings, so it should be easy to find what you can do to help the groom. However, here are the expectations for the role of the best woman:

  • Plan and attend the bachelor’s party and shower
  • Help with selecting the outfits and communicating the attire needs of the groomsmen
  • Act as the confidant or right-hand woman of the groom
  • Coordinate with the maid of honor regarding the wedding duties 
  • Ensure that the groom or bride won’t get stressed before, during, or after the wedding
  • Join the processional and other wedding party duties
  • Stand at the groom’s side at the altar
  • Offer a toast or speech 


What should a best woman wear?

The best woman can wear any appropriate wedding attire as long as it matches the style and color of the groomsmen. For example, she can wear a dress in the color of the groomsmen’s suits or wear a pantsuit so that the photos will look more cohesive. 

If the best woman is also close to the bride, she can wear a dress style similar to the maid of honor.


Does The Bride Get A Best Woman?

The best woman at the groom’s party is the equivalent of the maid of honor from the bridal party. However, there are no rules on what the bride can call her closest attendant. 

Sometimes, the best woman is also close to the bride, so she can also be her confidant. And for some brides, their maid of honor is a married female role model, which you can read more about at what is a matron of honor in a wedding


What Is A Man Of Honor?

Traditionally, the groom has a best man, and the bride has a maid of honor as their closest attendant at the wedding party. But nowadays, the gender of these roles is no longer limited. 

The groom can have a best woman or the female equivalent of the best man, while the bride can have a man of honor or the male equivalent of the maid of honor. Although opposite-sex best friends are less seen as taboo nowadays, it’s not surprising to see a girl among the groom’s attendants or a boy among the bridal attendants at the wedding. 



Was this explanation helpful? To recap what is a best woman in a wedding, she’s the female version of the best man. 

She’ll be the groom’s attendant, similar to the role of the maid of honor to the bride. Therefore, her duties include helping with the pre-wedding parties and acting as the groom’s attendant before, during, and after the wedding. 

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