How To Make A Wedding Video With Pictures In 4 Steps

If you want to know how to make a wedding video with pictures, simplify the process into four steps. We will help you create a wedding video with photos using easy tools. 

We will also share tips to make wedding videos for free if you want to save on costs. Then, feel free to read our tutorial on how to make a wedding slideshow as an additional reference. 

How To Make A Wedding Video With Pictures


DIY Wedding Videos: How To Make A Wedding Video With Pictures


Step 1. Decide on the software to create a wedding video

  • There are many applications, software, and tools available for video editing; some of them are free and beginner-friendly, while others are not as user-friendly but can make professional-looking wedding videos
  • Creating a wedding video with photos is easier than editing video snippets, so you should quickly familiarize yourself with the tools to learn how to make a wedding video with pictures
  • Test different video makers where you can use photos such as Adobe Spark, Powerpoint, Keynote, and Animoto
  • Make sure to read about your selected application to know if it’s free, and then browse for wedding videos that were created in that software for inspiration
  • You don’t want a tacky-looking wedding video, but experimenting with the tools and features of your chosen wedding video editor should help you maximize your imagination 


Step 2. Plan the theme of the wedding video

  • Prepare a theme you want to show with your wedding video
  • Talk with your partner about the style you want for your wedding video slideshow
  • Consider testing different wedding video templates so you can select the one that looks professionally-made
  • Decide on how long you want the wedding video will play
  • It would be best if you also were consistent in editing every slide, so there is a recurring theme for the entire wedding videography


Step 3. Select the photos and edit the video 

  • After having a theme and duration you want for your wedding video, select the wedding pics you wish to use; make this decision with your spouse so both of you are satisfied with the pictures included in the wedding photo
  • Usually, if a wedding video is around 10 minutes long, you can have 50 to 120 wedding pictures; you can even insert short video clips if it makes the wedding slideshow more interactive and sentimental 
  • You can edit one slide with multiple photographs or dedicate slides for special pictures; select the best quality photos from different times throughout your wedding
  • Edit your wedding photos consistently for a sophisticated but clean look when watching the wedding video; do not be afraid of including photos you think are unflattering because candid shots are interesting and genuine
  • A way to create a wedding video with pictures is to tell a story, starting with your childhood, how you’ve met, life as a couple, and then the best moments in your wedding 

If you received raw photographs or had DIY wedding photography, you can benefit from reading how to edit wedding photos to make them look more finished and to help you edit the wedding video.  


Step 4. Add music to make the wedding video more entertaining

  • Similar to a professional wedding videographer, you want to build your wedding video with music
  • Music helps in adding emotion and feelings to the wedding video, even if you only used pictures
  • The emotion of the song or instrumental can dictate the vibe and theme you want to convey with your wedding video
  • You can also pick music that is significant for you and your partner 
  • Experiment with transitions so you can add different types of music for different moods of wedding pictures


Which App Is Best For Making Wedding Video With Photos?


Photo video maker for desktop

You can use the MiniTool MovieMaker if you have a Windows desktop. It is free, and you can import wedding pictures in different formats for your wedding video.

If you have Linux or macOS, you can use Shotcut as it is open-source and free. It can also use various picture formats, and you can even do audio capture. 


Online photo video maker

If you don’t want to download, try FlexClip and Animoto as online wedding video makers where you can use photos. The former allows you to adjust the video aspect ratio so your wedding video is ready for different social media platforms. 

Animoto, on the other hand, gives you the option to pay if you want to use professional fonts and licensed music. There are even different video templates if you don’t know how to edit. 


Photo video maker for mobile phone

Those who can only use their phones can try KineMaster and Quik both for Android and iOS. The former is easy to use, while the latter is perfect for experimenting with themes and transitions. 


How Can I Make A Wedding Slideshow For Free?

Some are free; some require you to sign up, while others have a watermark. 

  • MiniTool MovieMaker
  • IceCream Video Editor
  • Shotcut
  • Animoto
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Movavi



Was this tutorial helpful? You just learned how to make a wedding video with pictures using different apps and tools. 

In general, you should familiarize yourself with how to use the software or app you selected and then choose the best wedding photos you want for the video. Then, apply the best music to enhance the viewing experience. 

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