How To Handwrite Wedding Invitations: 2 Best Ways

If you’re unsure how to handwrite wedding invitations, there are two methods to make a handwritten wedding invitation. We’ll also talk about the etiquette of handwriting an invitation for a wedding and if it’s considered tacky. 

But besides understanding how to write wedding invitations, do you know how to build the invitation suite? Please read how to stuff wedding invitations later to know what inserts to include in the wedding invitation envelope. 

how to handwrite wedding invitations


Handwritten Invites 101: How To Handwrite Wedding Invitations


DIY handwritten wedding invitations

If you are confident with your penmanship, you can DIY your wedding invitations. This is ideal for couples on a budget and who have few wedding guests.

Otherwise, making the handwritten wedding invitations yourself will require time and effort. Besides the aesthetic of the calligraphy, you have to avoid making a mistake when you write invitations for weddings to avoid wasting paper. 

  • People who always loved their handwriting and want a more sentimental way to invite wedding guests can write on their wedding invitations themselves
  • To save time, maybe you and your partner can divide the tasks for the DIY handwritten wedding invitations; however, there should be a single style when you hand write the invitations so they’ll look cohesive
  • You need patience and a steady hand, especially with envelope calligraphy 
  • Practice until you get the writing groove before starting the invitations; view tutorials online, so you’ll be confident with calligraphy 
  • Prepare and invest in the right tools such as fine-tipped markers to get the best look with your wedding invitations


Handwriting services for wedding invitations

Consider finding a handwriting service if you want the charm of handwritten invitations but don’t have the penmanship or time to write on the wedding invitation and envelope. Of course, they may be pricier than printing wedding invitations, but you can always compare different services to see who fits your wedding budget. 

Big weddings will benefit from finding a handwriting service for the handwritten invitations because you don’t need to be pressured with time and calligraphy consistency on each card. Consider asking your wedding planner if they know a vendor for these invitations. 

  • Ask your wedding planner if they know a vendor who specializes in handwriting wedding invitations 
  • Compare calligraphy services online; check their prices and reviews
  • Select those with experience in wedding invitations
  • Give a chance to small artists as they are also usually more affordable
  • Consider custom stationers as they offer packages with handwritten elements; this will save you costs than finding a calligrapher 
  • Make sure to provide the correct information on what they’ll need to write on the invites to avoid errors with the handwritten wedding invitation 
  • Ask a calligrapher if they offer a digital font; some calligraphers sell a digital custom calligraphy font that you can use on your wedding envelopes and invitation cards


Is It Okay To Handwrite Addresses On Wedding Invitations?

According to multiple resources, the etiquette for wedding invitations requires you to hand write the address on the wedding invitation envelope. Printing the address on the wedding invitation is inappropriate, but some fonts may look like calligraphy, so some couples opt for this alternative. 

So if you’re handwriting the wedding invitations, use a pen or marker with ink that won’t leak through the envelope or smudge accidentally. Of course, it would be best if you also practiced getting comfortable with your penmanship. 

Since mistakes are unavoidable, order plenty of wedding invitation envelopes. And if you’re not confident with your handwriting, hire a calligrapher instead. 


What Color Ink Should You Use To Address Wedding Invitations?

When you write addresses on wedding invitations, black or dark blue is the recommended color. However, it would be best if you never used anything else, especially colors like red, purple, or even gold ink.

While they’ll look attractive, you should save the creative designs and aesthetics on the invitations but never on the envelope. Reflective labels such as those with glitter or gold details are also not recommended because they can affect the mail scanning camera. 

And as for the font itself, avoid those that are hard to decipher, like fancy calligraphy. They may make the postal or zip code and abbreviations in addresses hard to read. 


What color should a wedding invitation envelope be?

You can never go wrong with a plain white envelope as it makes the black or dark blue handwriting ink easy to read. Light and pale colors such as cream, baby blue, light pink, or pale green are also appropriate. 

Just make sure the envelope has no shimmer or reflective features. In general, the ink of the address and the envelope should contrast each other, so they’ll be easier to scan. 


Best calligraphy pens to write on wedding envelopes

  • Gel pen: creates bold lines, easy to write with, slow to dry
  • Calligraphy pen: angled tip creates interesting fonts, smudge resistant, requires practice to write with

As for your budget, here is how much to spend on wedding invitations


Are Handwritten Wedding Invitations Tacky?

Handwritten wedding invitations aren’t tacky. Instead, they make the invites more personal as you exert effort to write the information in them. 

Just make sure your penmanship is easy to read and neat to look at. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to handwrite wedding invitations where you can write them yourself if you’re confident with your penmanship, or you can find a calligraphy service.

Regardless, remember that wedding invitation addresses should always be handwritten. Keep in mind to use non-reflective ink and write neatly. 

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