How To Stuff Wedding Invitations: Assembling Tips

There are four ways to learn how to stuff wedding invitations correctly. This is a complete guide for filling wedding envelopes if you only have wedding invites and even for those who’ll include different types of cards in their wedding invitation suite. 

Wedding invitation assembly should not overwhelm you once you know the proper techniques. And if you’re worried about costs, we also wrote a separate guide on how to save money on wedding invitations

how to stuff wedding invitations


How To Properly Stuff Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations only

Some couples prefer a simple wedding invitation assembly where they’ll only have the wedding invite inside the envelope. Then, it’s as easy as stuffing the invitation into the wedding envelope, and you’re done. 

However, remember to orient the wedding invitation upward, so it’s readable upon opening the envelope. This will help the guest easily understand the contents of your invite or wedding invitation wording.


With RSVP card 

Nowadays, most wedding invitations will include a separate RSVP card inside the envelope beside the invite. This way, the guest can also reply with the RSVP card easily. 

So what is the way to assemble wedding invitations with an RSVP card? First, you will insert the wedding invite as you usually would beforehand as facing up for easier readability. 

Then, stuff the envelope with the smaller response or RSVP card. It should be under the flap of included envelope so the guest won’t misplace it. 

Don’t forget to readily address the envelope for the RSVP to you with the correct postage. Guests can read how to fill out wedding RSVP for the proper etiquette


With information cards

One of the reasons couples don’t know how to stuff a wedding envelope is when there are different cards besides the invite and RSVP card. This is usually practiced in invites for destination weddings because you’ll need more information for the guests. 

The other cards included in the wedding invitation assembly may also be brunch invitations or wishing well cards. Read what to include in a destination wedding invitation to know what else to put. 

So how do you fill the wedding invitation suite? Please start with the wedding invitation upright, then the RSVP card under the RSVP envelope flap, not inside it. 

Then, arrange the other cards with the largest ones first until the smallest at the top of the stack. This will ensure that the guests see and read all the cards in the wedding invitation assembly.  


With liners

Sometimes, your wedding invitation assembly should have liners for support on the invites. For example, you can consider using liners if your invites are printed on thick paper, but you won’t be doing double envelopes. 

So how do you stuff wedding invitations with liners? First, choose the right type and size of liners to fit your specific envelope. 

Put and push the liner inside the wedding envelope up to the bottom, then hold it down where the flap folds. Next, fold this flap and run your fingers on the top edge of the envelope to crease the liner.

Open the envelope, glue the liner’s top edge, and fold the envelope flap again to secure the liner in place. Finally, stuff the wedding invitation suite with the biggest cards followed by the smallest cards. 


What Is The Proper Way To Stuff A Wedding Invitation Without An Inner Envelope?

There is no change in the stacking order of the wedding invitation suite, even if you don’t have an inner envelope. Instead, the only thing you must learn is how you’ll address these invitations correctly. 

You may address the guests directly on the outer envelope, envelope pocket, reply card, or even belly bands. Then, check how to seal wedding invitations to secure everything together. 


How Do You Tie Wedding Invitations Together?

The most common way to assemble wedding invitations is with belly bands. Start by stacking the invitation suite in a readable orientation with the largest cards at the bottom. 

You start with the invite, reply card, then the rest of the invitation suite cards. Again, remember to have the RSVP card under the RSVP envelope flap. 

Then, put the belly band next to the card stock and fold it accordingly to enclose the cards. Some belly bands use tape, while others have slits for security. 

If you’re interested, it’s also easy to know how to make belly bands for wedding invitations


Do You Put RSVP Card Inside Envelope?

You put the RSVP card inside the envelope and the rest of the wedding invitation suite. However, you won’t stuff it in the included RSVP envelope so the guest can easily find and read the reply card. 

The guest will be the one putting the RSVP card in its envelope after they’ve replied to it. So make sure that you’ll also include the postage for easier replying on the guest’s part. 


How Do You Put Tissue Paper On A Wedding Invitation?

You put a sheet of tissue on top of each card in the invitation suite. But nowadays, wedding invites no longer have tissues because they’re printed and at no risk of ink smudging. 



Was this guide helpful? We just learned how to stuff wedding invitations when you only have invites, RSVP cards, or other information cards. 

The main takeaway is to stack the cards from biggest to smallest in a readable orientation when taken out. Of course, you’ll also start with the main invite since it’s the biggest among the suite. 

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