How To Dress Up A Casual Dress For A Wedding

You can easily learn how to dress up a casual dress for a wedding using three considerations. It’s possible to wear casual dresses to weddings as you know how to make them look more stylish and appropriate for the occasion. 

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how to dress up a casual dress for a wedding


Here’s How To Dress Up A Casual Dress For A Wedding


Tip #1. Follow the wedding dress code 

The first consideration if you want to elevate your casual wedding attire is to follow the wedding dress code and theme. This way, you’ll know how to style your casual dress without the risk of going overboard. 

For example, a simple sleeveless casual sheath dress can look more formal for a wedding if you pair it with a cropped suit. You can also pick a casual dress in a color or pattern inspired by the wedding venue or theme so it wouldn’t look too much like casual attire. 

Consider layering your casual dress with cover-ups like jackets and cardigans. If the casual dress is quite revealing, you can put on a long-sleeved bodysuit underneath or wear a pair of leggings to add coverage and make it more dressy for a wedding. 


Tip #2. Wear dressy shoes

One of the best ways to dress up your wedding attire, even if you’re wearing a casual dress is to pair it with formal shoes. So what to wear with a casual dress?

Consider the length, style, and color of the dress to know what shoes would look gorgeous with it. Dresses that show the ankles can look more elevated with strappy heels. 

Longer casual dresses can look more formal with block heels or even a pair of wedges. But of course, shoes for the wedding should be practical for the venue for comfort. 


Tip #3. Look for dainty accessories

The final tip to make your casual attire look less casual is to accessorize the casual dress. You can never go wrong with pearl or gold accessories for solid-colored casual dresses. 

Statement earrings, layered necklaces, or a bejeweled headband can make plain dresses look more stylish. And of course, don’t forget the bag you’ll bring to the wedding. 

Clutches always have some formality with them, and picking something neutral-colored would be a safe choice for any casual dress. Embellished handbags and shoulder bags can even be your statement piece with casual wedding attire. 


Can I Wear A Casual Dress To A Wedding?

You can wear a casual dress to weddings as long as it is styled to look still appropriate for the wedding. Some casual dresses are plain and simple and can easily act as the canvas for stylish accessories like cover-ups, bags, jewelry, and shoes. 

However, some casual dresses might have a graphic print or have a style that would be too revealing for a wedding. Backless, low neckline, high slit, or see-through panels can be styled with a cover-up or solid-colored undergarments to make the dress look formal. 

The simple sheath or a-line dresses can look sophisticated with the right accessories. Just read the invitation or wedding website for examples of what the couple wants for their guest’s wedding attire. 

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What Do You Wear With A Casual Dress?

A casual dress can be dressed up to suit the wedding attire dress code. For example, partner the dress with a blazer for a smart casual look. 

If it’s a semi-formal wedding, then a pair of heels you’ll wear to a business meeting and dainty jewelry can make any plain or simple dress look sleek. Casual solid-colored dresses can be more sophisticated with gold jewelry or pearls. 

For the shoes, the wedding venue can have your pick between flats and heels. Avoid slip-ons that make your casual attire look too casual for a wedding. 


What Does Dress Casual Mean For A Wedding?

A casual wedding can mean an intimate wedding or something very laidback and simple like a backyard or garden wedding. However, it’s still a wedding, so it’s better to wear something dressy casual or smart casual. 

This means avoiding graphic t-shirts, cargo shorts, ripped jeans, and flip-flops. Of course, women don’t need to wear long gowns, and men can omit the suits for a casual wedding. 

But if you’re wearing a dress, make it look more wedding-appropriate with dressy shoes rather than skateboard sneakers. Men, on the other hand, can look more groomed with dark-colored jackets or printed sportcoats. 

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What Should A Woman Wear To A Casual Wedding?

Women can wear simple dresses to casual weddings. A dark pair of jeans and a three-fourth sleeved blouse can also suit a casual backyard wedding. 

Rompers and jumpsuits can also look nice for a casual wedding, especially those held on the beach or outdoors. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to dress up a casual dress for a wedding, consider the dress code to know what to add, wear dressy shoes, and accessorize with chic elements. 

Overall, casual dresses can be appropriate for weddings if you style them up to fit the theme and dress code.

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