What Is Wedding Casual Attire: Outfit Ideas And More

The answer to what is wedding casual attire depends on the specific casual dress code. A wedding may request dressy casual, smart casual, or even business casual, as we will explain below. 

Male and female wedding guests will also know what specific outfits to wear for a casual wedding. And as for couples interested in this laidback ceremony, read how to have a casual wedding

what is wedding casual attire


Complete Guide On What Is Wedding Casual Attire


Dressy casual wedding guest attire

A wedding requesting for a dressy casual attire for their guests means that you don’t need to wear suits or long gowns. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll arrive wearing printed t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. 

You still need to style up and look decent from the name itself. Imagine the clothes you’ll wear to brunch with friends at a nice restaurant.

For example, you can partner a cardigan with a jumpsuit for women, while men can consider a dark long-sleeved shirt with plain jeans. Then, opt for dressy shoes instead of flip-flops or trainers. 


Smart casual wedding attire

Another common casual wedding attire requested in weddings for their guests’ clothing is the smart casual attire. This means you’re dressing with something comfortable and relaxed, but you still look stylish. 

Think of this dress code as a step below cocktail attire but not as dressy as a semi-formal outfit. A plain shirt with a pullover and partnered with trousers and boots should be ideal for men. 

On the other hand, women can select a buttoned blouse partnered with silk pants and ballet flats to give an idea. Again, opt for light colors but be careful with graphic designs that may seem tacky for a wedding.


Business casual wedding attire

Perhaps the most formal of all the types of wedding casual attire for a casual wedding is business casual. From the name itself, you should dress like you’ll be attending a business meeting or lunch. 

Even though it’s casual wedding attire, you should wear something that makes you look professional and neat. For example, female guests can wear a sheath dress with heels or partner a blazer with a tasteful bodysuit. 

On the other hand, male guests can wear a corduroy suit with oxfords, then make it more casual by losing the tie or replacing the dress pants with chinos.


How Do You Dress Casual For A Wedding?

After understanding the meaning of casual wedding attire, here are some more clothing ideas for men and women attending a casual marriage ceremony. In addition to these tips, please remember to keep modesty in mind and avoid looking like you’re wearing bridal clothing for women or outfits that would outshine the groom for men. 


Men casual wedding attire

  • A solid-colored and well-fitting t-shirt with dark jeans and plain sneakers would suit a very casual wedding, especially if it’s a backyard wedding reception that mentions such dress code; however, avoid a graphic shirt, ripped denim, shorts, or trainers to maintain some formality with your outfit
  • Cargo pants and printed pants would not suit even a casual wedding; there are comfortable smart casual trousers or plain jeans you can wear to look still stylish and suitable for a wedding event
  • You don’t need to wear a suit for a casual wedding, but if it’s cold or evening and you need a coverup, you can opt for a jacket, blazer, or even a sport coat
  • A simple button-down shirt with slacks would be comfortable for a casual outdoor wedding
  • Some casual beach weddings can have male guests in flip-flops or even barefoot


Women casual wedding attire

  • A casual wedding is an opportunity for women to wear floral prints and geometric patterns, especially for a summer or spring wedding
  • However, be mindful of the style of your wedding guest outfit as you don’t want to look too casual that some areas are too revealing
  • Unless it’s a beach wedding, opt for dressy flats or sandals than flipflops
  • A maxi or long gown is unnecessary for a casual wedding; A knee-length A-line dress without bridal features or even a dressy jumpsuit would be ideal for women attending a casual wedding
  • You can also wear pants to a casual wedding and if all you have is in black, read how to dress up black pants for a wedding


Can You Wear Jeans To A Casual Wedding?

Guests can wear jeans to a casual wedding, especially if it’s an outdoor or intimate wedding. However, it’s best to wear dark blue or black jeans than those with prints. 

Plain white or black denim pants can look similar to trousers when styled nicely. Remember that even though the dress code is casual, you still want to look decent for the wedding ceremony. 

That being said, ripped jeans and distressed pants would be inappropriate as they can be revealing or eye-catching. Don’t forget to wear a dressy top like a polo shirt for men or a blouse partnered with a cardigan for women to style your jeans up. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what is wedding casual attire, it can mean dressy casual, business casual, or smart casual. 

But in general, you still want to look appropriate for a wedding ceremony despite the laidback dress code. So jeans, shirts, sneakers, and printed dresses are okay if you still look dressy and styled for the occasion. 

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