What To Wear To A Wedding Men Guest No Suit

If you’re unsure what to wear to a wedding men guest no suit, consider these attire ideas for different wedding dress codes that wouldn’t require suits. 

We’ve also included a dress guide for male guests to style your wedding outfit and make it more appropriate for the event even though it’s not a suit. And for grooms who are likely to wear suits, know the budget needed by knowing how much does a wedding suit cost

what to wear to a wedding men guest no suit


Best Examples On What To Wear To A Wedding Men Guest No Suit


Semi-formal wedding attire for men

For weddings with a semi-formal dress code, the male guest does not have to be wearing a suit. Instead, male wedding guests can opt for business attire such as a smart blazer and slacks.

Select dark colors for a more formal look, but wear the dress pants to elevate your wedding style. Your shoes can also dress up your attire, so pick leather or formal shoes.  

You can wear prints on your blazer or jacket, depending on the wedding theme. Plaid blazers and dark dress pants are common for men attending rustic weddings, for example. 


Cocktail wedding dress code for male guests

A standard dress code for weddings nowadays is the cocktail dress code. For this type of wedding, suits are unnecessary for men, except for the groom, so he can be distinguished. 

For an evening cocktail wedding, you can opt for a patterned blazer and chinos such as a dark blue pinstripe jacket. You can even wear a sportcoat or lose the jacket and simply wear a vest over your dress shirt. 

Of course, pick leather shoes as cocktail events should still have some formality for the guest attire. You can also wear a necktie with your dress shirt to make your look more formal for the wedding. 


Casual wedding guest outfits for a male guest

If you’re attending a casual wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can wear t-shirts and distressed jeans. Suits are also unnecessary so you can switch them with just the dress shirt. 

Select your best-fitting dress shirt or tailored polo for a casual wedding. Dark plain jeans might also be acceptable, but partner them with dress shoes or leather boots for an added edge for the wedding.  

Casual outdoor or destination weddings like those at the beach can even have male guests in floral shirts, shorts, and barefoot. Check the wedding website and invitation for the wedding theme to be sure. 


Men’s attire for weddings with no dress code

What clothing would be for guests attending a wedding with no dress code? The men’s guest attire for this type of wedding can be tricky because you may or may not wear suits. 

A safe alternative will be a business jacket, sportcoat, or smart blazer if you don’t like suits. Any plain-colored dress shirt and black dress pants would also be safe choices for this dress code. 

Semi-casual shoes like Oxfords and even leather boots would be ideal instead of sneakers. But when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the wedding party.  


More wedding styling tips for men who don’t want to wear suits

  • Avoid colors similar to the wedding party, such as the suit color and general style of the groomsmen
  • Dark colors for the blazer or jacket will be ideal if you’re unsure of the wedding formality
  • Avoid unique and eye-catching patterns on your top or pants
  • Invest in good-fitting inner shits
  • Opt for pocket squares instead of boutonnieres, as these accessories may make you look like a part of the wedding party
  • Consider having your jacket tailored for a smarter look 
  • Clean the shoes you’ll wear for the wedding
  • Your socks and ties can elevate your look
  • Avoid printed tees as inner shirts
  • Never wear distressed pants
  • Check your wedding outfit for stains and tears 
  • Practice wearing, walking, and sitting in your wedding attire

Will you be attending a beach wedding? Here’s what men can wear to a beach wedding for outfit ideas. 


Is It Okay To Not Wear A Suit To A Wedding?

Male guests can attend a wedding even if they don’t own a suit. Even if the dress code is formal, the guest can still wear clothing that is not a suit as long as it’s something that fits with the wedding formality. 

For example, opt for smart blazers and jackets with a dress shirt and tie if you don’t want to wear a three-piece suit. Dark colors for the men’s attire would also look formal, especially for an indoor evening wedding. 

Dress pants like chinos, khakis, and straight-leg pants will also make your look more sophisticated and appropriate for the wedding. And of course, wear dress shoes like brogues and Oxfords. 


Do Guys Have To Wear Suits To A Wedding?

Guys don’t have to wear suits for their wedding attire, especially for semi-formal or dressy casual weddings. However, check the wedding invitation as formal and black-tie weddings mean wearing suits. 

The couple’s wedding website might have also provided examples for the men’s wedding attire. If they indicated suits for the guests, then please follow.



Was this wedding attire guide helpful? To recap what to wear to a wedding men guest no suit, blazers, jackets, chinos, dress pants, and leather shoes would be ideal alternatives. 

Even wearing the dress shirt alone or partnering polo with plain dark jeans can be suitable for less formal weddings. Overall, unless explicitly stated, you can attend a wedding no suit. 

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