How To Find A Wedding Hair Stylist: Best 4 Tips

It’s easy know how to find a wedding hair stylist with these four tips. We’ll guide you in knowing what hairstyle you want, researching hair stylists, interviewing them, and knowing what to expect when you schedule a trial. 

You’ll also know the expected costs for bridal hair. And if you’re curious about budgeting, here is how much does wedding hair cost

how to find a wedding hair stylist


Guide For Brides On How To Find A Wedding Hair Stylist


Identify the wedding hair you want

  • Check different bridal hairstyles and find the ones that are suitable for your wedding theme
  • Identify what wedding hairstyles are ideal for your wedding venue and your type of hair
  • Know which bridal hairstyles will complement and flatter your makeup, face shape, and wedding attire
  • Look for bridal hair inspirations online and identify the styles and terms; this will help you find the best hair stylist to do them
  • Be realistic with what you want to have and keep practicality in mind so you’ll remain comfortable and won’t risk damaging your hair with whatever you want to have


Consider various resources and recommendations for hair stylists in your area

  • Research hair stylists in your area; it’s best to find those that specialize in wedding looks
  • Consider asking your trusted salon or hairdresser and check if they’ve styled brides for weddings before
  • If you have a friend or relative that had a gorgeous hairstyle at their own wedding, ask them for recommendations 
  • Use social media to help you in finding more resources and hair stylists
  • Check the reviews and portfolios of your prospective wedding hair stylists


Select the qualities you want for your wedding hair stylist

  • Interview your top three wedding hair stylists based on research, recommendations, and how you want to look at your wedding
  • You want someone with a good reputation, but also with the attitude you’d like to spend with while preparing on your wedding day
  • Consider someone who had worked with a bride similar to your hair type or face shape
  • Check if the hair stylist has done the style you want for your wedding
  • Consider your budget and ask for packages if they offer any; the hair stylist might work with a makeup artist, or they can have a team that will also do the looks of your bridal party


Book a trial with the wedding hair stylist

  • Schedule a wedding hair trial with your top two or your top choice hair stylist
  • Bring someone with you when you have your wedding hair trials 
  • Consider having multiple hair trials and discuss any changes you may want to have
  • Be specific with what bridal hairstyle you want but keep an open mind with the stylist’s suggestions 
  • Consider wearing your chosen hairstyle for several hours to know if it will be comfortable on your wedding day

For brides with natural curls, determine the perfect hairstyle for this hair type so that you can find suitable hair stylists for you. Here is how to style curly hair for a wedding if you’re a curly bride.


How Much Does It Cost For Someone To Do Your Hair For A Wedding?

Finding a bridal hairstylist and comparing hair and makeup salons is influenced by your wedding budget. Of course, you don’t want to overspend for your wedding hair, but the hair stylist should also be properly compensated. 

That being said, a hairstylist for weddings usually costs an average of $300. If you find a wedding hair and makeup artist, it will cost more because they’ll offer a bridal package that also includes makeup. 


How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Hair Done As A Bridesmaid?

Some wedding hair stylists offer packages so the bride can get her hair done with the bridal party. Look for a hairstylist that can make this request or discuss it when you meet them to help manage the time while preparing for the wedding. 

They usually bring another stylist with them to do the hair of the bridesmaids. You can choose to shoulder the costs, or the bridal party can find and pay for their hairstylist, which typically costs $50 to $100 for every member. 


What Should I Look For In A Bridal Hairstylist?

When finding a wedding hair stylist, here are the factors to look for:

  • Positive reviews from past clients; recommendations as well
  • Bridal hair portfolio that suits the style you want for your wedding day
  • Good attitude and communication skills for a pleasant relationship, especially while preparing for the wedding
  • Reasonable package and costs
  • Experience with your hair type or bridal style
  • Quality products and tools 
  • Free schedule on your wedding day
  • Available schedule for hair trials
  • Transparent contract 
  • Consider a package that includes styling the bridal party to save on costs
  • Consider a two-in-one professional that can do both your wedding hair and makeup



And that’s it! To recap how to find a wedding hair stylist, you have four tips to consider.

You must know what you want, research, interview the hair stylist, and have a trial to see if they’re the stylist you want for your wedding. But of course, even if you should stick to a budget, ensure that this wedding vendor is well compensated for their service.

We hope this was helpful, and feel free to browse our blog for wedding hairstyle needs and tutorials.

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