How To Do Online RSVP For Wedding And Etiquette

Those interested to learn how to do online RSVP for wedding can simplify the online wedding RSVP processing into two steps. You can make digital RSVPs for weddings using your wedding website and then ensure the proper etiquette in requesting them for your guests. 

We will also discuss if wedding RSVP online won’t be a tacky way to send them. And for additional tips, refer to when should RSVP be due for wedding, so you’ll receive them on time. 

how to do online rsvp for wedding


How To Do Online RSVP For Wedding Easily 


Step 1. Use your wedding website

  • The first way to create your wedding RSVP online is to use your wedding website; this is also the easiest approach to make online RSVPs since most weddings have a website already
  • Select the wedding website builder that suits your budget, but to save you the time and extra expenses in finding a builder that offers online wedding RSVP, make sure this feature is included in what you’ll choose 
  • Familiarize yourself with the online wedding RSVP feature of your chosen wedding website builder, especially with how it collects responses; consider testing them
  • If you’ve already created your wedding website but it has no online RSVP feature, find a website that is specifically designed for collecting RSVPs
  • Alternatively, you can create a specific email for receiving RSVPs and ensure that you’ll always monitor its inbox; you can organize the responses by creating an email folder 


Step 2. Request digital RSVPs

  • After you make an online RSVP for the wedding, plan how to request them to your guests
  • Some guests might not be familiar with the digital world, so you can contact someone else to guide them; it can be someone living with them, but if it’s just a few older relatives or friends, then you can call them for their response 
  • To tell the guests to RSVP online, you will include it in your wedding invitation and website
  • Make sure the instructions are clear, especially since the guests might be expecting an RSVP card with your invitation suite
  • You can also create a page, group, or chat via social media to notify the guests that you’re doing your RSVP for the wedding online


Should You Do Online RSVP?

The wedding RSVP nowadays can be online or via mail postage. However, some weddings might be small enough that you don’t think you’ll need to include an RSVP card with the invitations.

The couple might also have a limited budget for postage, and using their email or the existing wedding website would be more practical to receive the RSVPs from the wedding guests. So if you can relate to these factors, then there’s no reason not to do the RSVP online.

Just keep these considerations in mind to ensure that your online wedding RSVP will flow smoothly and that you can secure the guest count for the vendors:

  • Use the proper wording to alert guests of your wedding RSVP online
  • Select a website that is user-friendly for the guests
  • Make sure that guests who aren’t tech-savvy can send their requests
  • Plan on your calendar on when to alert guests who have not sent their RSVP yet


Is Online RSVP Tacky?

Online wedding invitations are typical nowadays, so doing your wedding online RSVPs is not tacky. After all, going digital is even more convenient since we’re all online nowadays. 

You don’t risk losing the RSVP card in the mail or returning it to you because the address was wrong. You can also conveniently collect all the responses in one place and anywhere. 

But if you still want the traditional invitation suite and include the RSVP card in your invites, be familiar with the postage costs. Here is how much is postage for wedding invitations since you’ll shoulder the expenses for the guests’ RSVPs. 


How Do Guests RSVP Online?

If you have the online wedding RSVP on your wedding website, the guests will visit the dedicated RSVP page of your website. Then, depending on the feature of the website you selected, the guests will typically search for their names on the RSVP page. 

They can then answer if they can attend and inform you if you included meal preferences. Some online RSVPs even have questions for travel details that the guests can answer. 

If you’re inviting multiple people in a single household, one guest can answer on behalf of their partner or family member via the RSVP page. Then, expect a notification in your email address regarding who will go to your wedding. 


How To Word Online RSVP On Wedding Invitation?

Include on your wedding invitation that the RSVP will be online. Write a short but understandable phrase like:

  • RSVP online at [wedding website]
  • Please visit [wedding website/online RSVP website] to respond by [date you need to finalize the guest list]
  • Kindly send your response by [date you need to complete the guest list] at [wedding website/online RSVP website]



And that’s it! We just learned how to do online RSVP for wedding using your email or wedding website. 

The process will depend on the specific site you choose, but remember to notify guests via the invitations that the RSVP will be online. Use our wording examples, and don’t be afraid to check with the guests if they haven’t responded yet.

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