How Much Is Postage For Wedding Invitations

If you want to know how much is postage for wedding invitations, you can expect to pay under a dollar each. Three factors affect the postage costs and stamps for wedding invitations, which we will discuss in more detail below. 

It’s best to plan your budget for the invitations to ensure that you’ll still send the stationery you like without compromising what to spend for other wedding needs. You can read how much to spend on wedding invitations to know more. 

how much is postage for wedding invitations


How Much Is Postage For Wedding Invitations: Cost Breakdown

As of this writing, you are expecting a standard rate of under $1 or around $0.55 to $0.58 for mailing wedding invitations. However, please read the three factors that determine the cost of wedding invitation postage. 


How big are your wedding invitations?

The price for the postage of wedding invitations depends on the size of your invites. This is why your invitations must measure 5 by 7 inches because anything bigger will mean additional costs. 

According to the United States Postal Service, there will be a non-machinable surcharge of 30 cents per item if you’re using square envelopes. In addition, square wedding invitations won’t go through the sorting machine, which means they’ll be hand-sorted, resulting in higher cost. 


How thick is your stationery?

Since you’ll be constructing your wedding invitation suite, selecting the material you’re using is crucial. For example, if your wedding invitation envelope is thicker than ¼ inches, it’s likely not to go through the sorting machine. 

If you’re also putting the invites together, it’s best to learn how to make belly bands for wedding invitations. This is because using a ribbon means you’ll make a knot, and it makes the invitation suite thicker, which of course, leads to higher postage expenses.  


How heavy is your invitation suite?

The weight is the final consideration to avoid having costly postage for wedding invitations. For example, you don’t want your wedding invitations to be heavier than one to two ounces. 

If the suite is composed of multiple pieces, the postage will be higher because it’s likely for your wedding invites to go over two ounces in weight. Therefore, you will need a $0.70 stamp because they’ll weigh more instead of $0.55, the typically expected postage cost for wedding invites that is only as heavy as an ounce or lower. 

For more tips in constructing a wedding invitation suite, here is a guide on how to stuff wedding invitations because the overall wedding invitation postage price is affected based on what you use for the suite. 


How Many Stamps Do I Need For An Invitation?

More than knowing the stamp prices for every wedding invitation stamp, the number of wedding postage stamps will also affect the budget you should allot for wedding invitations. In general, prepare around four stamps for wedding invitations. 

You’ll need one postage stamp for the wedding save the dates for starters. Then, you might need one to two stamps for the wedding invitation suite because of the weight of additional materials. 

Then, don’t forget to provide one stamp each for the RSVP cards. You will include postage for the guests so they can reply on time. 


How Much Do Invitations Cost To Mail?

You can expect the shipping and postage costs for wedding invitations to be around $60 if you have a hundred invitations. But, of course, there are many factors to consider, depending on the invitation suite. 

But in general, prepare a budget for mailing your invitations. If you are limited, you can always go digital, especially if it’s a small wedding. 


Additional factors to consider for the costs of mailing wedding invitations:

  • Using card stock means adding thickness and weight to the wedding invites, which increases the postage costs
  • Decorations like twine or flowers can require the invites to be hand-processed, and you might be charged 21 cents more per wedding invitation
  • Some designs like wax seals or an invitation in a custom size will mean the machine can’t process it, and this will cost extra postage
  • Make sure your invitations are easy to decipher, or they may be sent back to you if the address is hard to read 
  • If your invitations need to be hand-processed because of their fragility, it will cost you more


Do You Include Stamps On Wedding RSVP Cards?

It’s basic wedding etiquette to provide stamps for your guests when mailing them wedding RSVP cards. You will also pre-address the RSVP card’s envelope and include stamps. 

Therefore, allocate a budget for extra stamps to ensure that your guests will mail you back on time. You can read how to fill out wedding RSVP for the proper etiquette for guests. 


How To Mail Out Wedding Invitations?

Send your wedding invitations eight to twelve weeks before the wedding. Ensure that you’ll also remind the guests to reply, especially if some still haven’t responded to their RSVPs. 

You should also address the invitations correctly, especially if you want no plus-ones or children at the wedding. And of course, the invitations should have the proper information for the wedding. 



Was this price guide helpful? To recap how much is postage for wedding invitations, it’s around $0.55, or expect to spend $60 to mail 100 invites. 

Your invitations’ size, thickness, and weight will ultimately dictate the postage. Let us know if you have tips to share to save on invite mailing. 

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