How To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

You can learn how to design your own wedding dress in five steps. You will learn the ins and outs of custom wedding dresses to help you get your dream bridal attire. 

However, this tutorial means consulting a sewist for a more realistic way to create a bridal gown. After that, brides can let their trusted tailor make the dress with the final approved sketch. 

how to design your own wedding dress

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How To Design Your Own Wedding Dress: Create A Custom Dress


Select a trusted seamstress

Designing your own wedding dress can be difficult, but it will go smoothly if you go to a trusted sewist. They will measure you accordingly because a wedding dress will only look as good if it fits perfectly to the wearer. 

After getting your measurements, the seamstress will guide you through several questions until you form your dream wedding dress. It will include questions about the silhouette, color, and even details like lace. 

Make sure not to get persuaded by anyone’s opinion because you want to wear a wedding dress that you genuinely like. Voice out your concerns but be open to suggestions, especially what complements your style, body type, and wedding theme. 


Have a general idea

When creating your wedding dress, you need to have a general idea of what you want as early as six months before the wedding day. Perhaps you can get inspiration from magazines or social media posts or discuss your desired features of the wedding gown with the seamstress. 

For example, do you want a specific wedding dress silhouette or how poofy you want it to be? Would you prefer not to have too much beadwork, or how sexy do you want to feel?

Your seamstress can come up with design ideas, and you can choose what you want. Then, as you go through the designing process, you’ll see how the dress style develops. 


Ask for unique details

Your custom wedding dress is personalized for a reason. Even if you take inspiration from magazines and pictures, you want a unique bridal attire. 

Therefore, you can consider modifications such as a different neckline, sleeve type, length, or materials. The color can even be far from the traditional white wedding color. 

Some brides make a sentimental approach, even using their mom’s wedding dress as inspiration. You can also incorporate fabrics or details from outfits with special meanings. 


Comment on the sketch

As you’re getting close to finalizing the design, be honest with your requests. The designer will present you with a sketch so that the adjustments can be included. 

The seamstress will wait for your approval before proceeding with the design. Therefore, this is the time, to be honest with your opinions. 

You don’t want to change your mind last minute, especially when the date is close to your wedding day. Some materials may even need to be ordered out of the country. 


Approve the dress

The final step in designing your own wedding dress is approving the design. The designer will show you the sketch or picture, so you know what it will look like when finished. 

Typically, you’ll receive the wedding dress a week before your wedding. Please keep this in mind so it will arrive on time, especially when you’ll be having a destination wedding. 

Brides also typically undergo two to three alterations to the dress. Be aware of how much wedding dress alterations cost to set your budget accordingly.  


How Much Is It To Make Your Own Wedding Dress?

Brides interested in making their own wedding dress should prepare $2,000 or higher. It’s hard to mention a specific price because many factors affect your expenses if you make your own dress. 

For example, will you hire a designer? What about the materials and the seamstress? 

If you’ll be sewing your own dress with the design and materials you come up with yourself; then it will cost less than going to a boutique for a custom dress. But if you can indulge, why not wear a couture wedding dress?


How Hard Is It To Make Your Own Wedding Dress?

The difficulty of making a wedding dress will depend on your capacity and time. You need time to make the design, source materials, and make the dress. 

Once it’s finished, you may also need to alter or fix some errors. However, more and more brides want to be involved with their wedding attire. 

With proper time management and ensuring that you enjoy the process, it should be a great experience to walk down the aisle with something you made yourself. And if you have a bridesmaid or maid of honor who also loves sewing, you can ask them for assistance. 


Is It Cheaper To Make Or Buy A Wedding Dress?

If you’re getting your wedding dress custom-made, it may be more expensive than choosing from ready-made designs. However, some seamstresses may offer services where you can save more on custom wedding dresses because no retailer can increase the price of the dress. 



And that’s it! You can easily learn how to design your own wedding dress in five easy steps with the help of the seamstress. 

Make sure to voice your opinions accordingly, and your approved sketch should be your dream dress. You can even design the dress and make it yourself if you have the time!

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