How To Create A Donation Button On Facebook? 4 Easy Steps!

How to create a donation button on Facebook? As you might know, many people have been streaming lately due to the effect of the pandemic, which caused them to have a deeper connection with the internet and social media rather than different people. With that, many have been intro streaming because, in that way, you get to enjoy while earning money.

How do they do that? Well, there is a thing called “streaming platforms” wherein you could use these to stream your game. One of these so-called platforms is Facebook or commonly known as FB or its shorter name. You can do a lot with the app, interacting with different people, streaming, and many more.

How to create a donation button on Facebook

As some people have become full streamers on these platforms, they’ll need some donations and supporters over time to sustain the quality of their gameplay. It is also a way to earn money while you enjoy playing some games or doing random things while on stream. Many have become millionaires because of this. There are still some things that you might be unfamiliar with, though, today we will discuss them more to understand them thoroughly. It may be hard for beginners, so consider following this guide that we’ve especially made for you:


Steps On Creating A Donation Button On Facebook

How to create a donation button on Facebook? Here are the following steps that you should know:


Step #1. Clicking on the “Edit Page Info” button of your page 

If you’re the one managing the page, then make sure that you’re placed in the admin position, as this might not work for other roles on the page. Once done, what you’ll want to do here is press the “Edit Page Info” button on your page. It can be seen located below the “…” button. Once clicked, it will direct you to a new page. From there on, the steps should be more manageable for you to understand. Though, explanations are still needed so that you can process it better. Let us now move on to the other steps, as this won’t take much of your time doing once mastered. Just navigate through some buttons, and you’re all good to go. Make sure that you’re pressing the correct ones, though. You might start from the beginning again.


Step #2. Setting up and editing the necessary details 

When you’ve been directed to the new part of the website, it is time to adjust the details so that the page you’re managing knows more about your plan. Now under the “General” tab that can be seen on your screen, type in “Non-profit Organization” into the categories section.

From there on, you’ll have to select it from the dropdown list that will appear when you type in the appropriate words. Once that it has occurred, please select it from the list and then save changes. This is an important step and will play a significant role in making your donation button. The tag written is the key to making the button appear. Otherwise, Facebook will think that you will not use it for donations, and the button will not appear once the process has been carried out. Facebook uses this info to narrow down the selection of buttons you will present you with later, leaving you the donation button that you’ll need later on. Now, let us move on to the next step.


Step #3. Navigating and clicking the button, “Add a Button”

Now that setting up all the needed information for the button to work has been gathered and filled out completely, it is now time to go back to the main page of your Facebook page. From there, you’ll see a button labeled as “+ Add a Button.” you can usually find it on the bottom right of your cover photo.

Some are placed differently depending on what version of Facebook you are using. Nonetheless, try navigating and finding it. It should take you to where you exactly need to go on to. Once you arrive there, you should see multiple options that you can choose from. Choose the “Shop or donate” one. Once you press it, a smaller list will appear that contains a variety of options. From there on, click the “Donate” option and then next. Complete all the necessary information once again, if there are any. If not, let us move on to the final phase of the process to complete your button.


Step #4. Adding your donation link to the button

Once everything has been done, a new menu will pop up that lets you specify the link wherein the donator will be directed when they click on your button. This can be a page of any kind you want, and also, don’t forget to add your donation page if ever there is one available. You may also find this article awesome: how to get donation alerts on Twitch.


It’s A Wrap!

How to create a donation button on Facebook? Learning how to add a Facebook donate button has never been this easy! With the steps ready for you, there is no hassle to making one anymore; in fact, this can be done by yourself in just a matter of minutes! You may also be interested to read about how to link to a PayPal donation page and how to setup a PayPal donation.  

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