What Is Autologous Blood Donation? Information That Might Be Useful For You!

What is autologous blood donation? Many people are familiar with blood donations, but they do not know that there are several types of this, and autologous blood donation is one of them. 

There are terms unfamiliar to us, or sometimes it is because we are used to using and mixing all words up to deliver our thought. Autologous blood donation is a fascinating topic. We will discuss it further as we go along with our topic. 

What is autologous blood donation

It is essential to know a lot about blood donations, especially that you can use them if you are an aspiring doctor or have a relative experiencing health problems concerning blood. Let us help you know more about autologous blood donation. Without further ado, let’s start reading!


Facts You Need To Know About Autologous Blood Donation

What is autologous blood donation? As to what was mentioned earlier, autologous blood donation is not that popular in terms of offerings. Worry less; we will be helping you out upon identifying what it is and the facts about it. Before we jump into the idea of knowing about what is autologous blood donation, why don’t we get to know what a blood donation is and the meaning of the word autologous to have a glimpse of it? 


What is blood donation? 

Blood donation means donating blood. But then, it is not that simple. Going deeper, blood donation is like giving life to other people. It is the most common thing that people can do to help others live longer than expected. Blood donation is simply extracting blood from the donor using a machine for bloodletting. It depends on the donation center if they would do this traditional or using a device. 

What makes blood donation complex is the different types of blood donation that one can identify. Yes, blood donations have so many varieties that a lot of people can be confused about these. An example of such is matching blood donation, whole blood donation, etc. 


What does autologous mean? 

Autologous has a lot of definitions when you look for it on the internet, but of course, we would want to check out those implying on our topic about autologous blood donation. When we say autologous in a medical field, the transplantation of blood, tissues, and all other organs one can give will also come from the same person. It is like donating for your good. 


What an autologous blood donation is?

Moving forward, you might now have enough ideas about what an autologous blood donation is. You have nothing to worry about. Let us help you with this one. Since autologous states that the recipient and the donor are just the same people, it would mean one individual donating blood for himself.

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Then let us go deeper into this matter. When you say that the donor is also the recipient of the blood, it can happen in so many ways, and of course, the doctors can allow this to occur among several chosen circumstances. 

First, the doctor would allow a patient to donate their blood for himself when this patient needs to undergo an operation that might require too much blood to use, such as open-heart surgeries. Another instance is when the donor’s blood type is rare and that he does not have any eligible family member that can donate blood. He will present for himself if this happens only if he is healthy enough and permitted by the doctor. Here’s more to what is autologous blood donation.  


How long does autologous blood last?

If you are curious about how this blood donation works, you should continue reading within this part. An autologous blood donation is often conducted a month or weeks before where you will use it. The donor, of course, needs a rest after donating and going on to their surgery. These blood collection would only stay for quite some time. To be exact, that’s about estimation of 35 days. A red cell’s storage life is about that long in a four °C temperature. So this is an excellent instance when it comes to an autologous blood donation. 

Usually, adult donors/patients can donate red cell units before their surgery in a significant amount. That’s around three units of red cells. That is a lot of help for sustaining blood during surgeries. This is usually done in places wherein they could not determine how the blood of all other donors is clean and safe for the patient. That’s why they prefer autologous blood transfer for the patient’s safety and, of course, for a bigger chance of having a successful surgery. Please read it here autologous blood transfusion (collection and reinfusion of the patient’s red blood cells)


It’s A Wrap!

What is an autologous blood donation? Now, you have an idea of what an autologous donation is. That’s something that a lot of people should know and get familiar with. Talking about blood donations here is something that’s also a tremendous productive reading about blood. You may want to know what is double red cell donation; It is best to know more about donations since it is an excellent way of helping people. Don’t forget to read about where does my blood donation goes.

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