How To Link To A PayPal Donation Page? An Easy 5 Step Guide!

How to link to a PayPal donation page? With the technology that we have right now, the internet is growing more and more into something new and exciting. With that, there are many things that we can explore, create, and build with the internet’s resources, thus giving people more ideas while exploring around it.

Even though the situation is like this today, it is not guaranteed that people will get isolated by just sitting a whole day looking in front of their computers or phone. Some still prefer to go out and interact, and that’s why some aren’t still that much familiar with how things work. We’ll know more about that.

Because of the situation that we are in today, people have become more familiar with wireless payments when purchasing something. One example of an application that you use for this is PayPal. With that, you can pay virtual credits that represent real money by sending it to another user’s number thus, making purchases easy. Today, we will be learning more about that since PayPal has many features to offer that some people might not have known. With online currency, you can donate to people who need it. Thus today, we will be learning how you can link to a PayPal donation page. Keep an eye for some keywords while reading. Let’s go.


Steps To Link To A PayPal Donation 

How to link to a PayPal donation page? Not everybody is familiar, so we’ve come up with some instructions on linking to a PayPal donation page the more straightforward way around. With that, it will make linking or doing things on the application more accessible for you since you now have ideas for it:


Step#1. Logging in to your personal PayPal account

Of course, before you want to carry out this process, you must first log in to your personal PayPal account to accomplish things on the application. If you’re new, create a new account and fill up all the necessary information so that the system registers all the contacts and knowledge required to be done.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, some buttons will show on display. It may be a dropdown list or the likes since PayPal goes through several updates throughout the whole year, leading to a change of things that can either help or make people’s lives more complicated for them to navigate in it. Make sure not to press anything once you’ve logged in. At least if you’re following the steps, it won’t give you a hard time navigating through some important buttons throughout the process. Without further ado, let us now move to the next step of the process. We’ll be clicking lots of buttons today to accomplish this task. Know how to log in to your PayPal account


Step #2. Clicking through several buttons

Now that we are in the menu of the application interface, there should be a dropdown list appearing when you tap at the upper right or left of the website, depending on the version of your update. Once you’re there, you might want to find the button that says “Merchant Services.” It will redirect you to a new link. Once it has directed you to a new link, you must press “Donations.” Pressing the buttons simultaneously will lead you to different websites or web pages that interconnect through the application. Please wait for a little while as the site may have some problems, or it is going through some maintenance. Just refresh if needed.


Step #3. Getting your own personalized html code for the donation page

Now that it has brought you to the page that you need, it is now time you follow what the site has to tell you. It will send you prompts so that you can get your very own personalized HTML code for linking some things whenever needed. You can use it on other pages too, and not just one thing likes this or the likes of it. Please wait for a while, as the processing may take some time before it appears on your screen. The application will generate a link for you to use on your donation page or website. Once you get the HTML code, you paste it into your site where you want the button to display. It will make a direct link to it.

You can also elect to get the link instead of embedding the HTML code. At least in that way, it will be easier for you to link without the hassle and worries that embedding causes. If it is a failure, you’ll have to start from the top once again. Will it be hard, right? Better do it the correct way to avoid that from happening. You may also find it interesting to read how to get donation alerts on twitch and how to make GoFundMe anonymous after donation


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you’ve learned how to link to a PayPal donation page, it will be much easier for you to navigate through the app with ease than how you used it before. Linking will be much easier to handle, and the overall job won’t cause such a hindrance to you. Talking about PayPal donations, we have a lot of articles recommended for you to read on. Here’s how to setup a PayPal donation in case, you will need to have a guide upon setting up a PayPal for your donation, refer to that article. 

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